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WhistlinDiesel is one of the successful you tubers who has made millions through youtube channels at a Small age. As he posts Courageous videos on Heavy Vehicle stunts thus this attitude has built up in him since he was 16 years when he killed the Giant Buck. Thus he has currently 4.6M followers on Instagram.



In today’s globalized world, you tubers are becoming more and more influential. Incorporating this into your content can help you attract your audience and give them what they want to see. This blog will take a look at how WhistlinDiesel’s life has been changed and how he made it through all of his struggles and insights into the life of WhistlinDiesel.

Personal Info

  Real name   Cody Ditwiler
  Known For   As a Youtuber named “WhistlinDiesel”
  Date of Birth   18th July 1998.
  Schooling   Schooling from Holmdel High School”.





  Age   24 years as in 2022.
  Birthplace   Indiana, USA.
  Nationality   American.
  Family   His father and mother own a Construction Business   and a Farm.
  Profession   You tuber
  Height   5 Feet 8 Inches.
  Weight   50kg
  Eye Color   Black
  Hair Color   Brown
  Life story   Working  Hard to be increase his Subscribers.
  Networth   $5 Million

Life story

WhistlinDiesel is famous for his Dangerous and Courageous stunts using heavy vehicles thus this Courageous attitude came right at a Tender age when he was 16 years old when he killed a Giant Buck when he was just 16 years old. Thus he got acquainted to perform such scary stunts right from his Childhood.

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While many of people think that how could he afford such Big Vehicles which he shows on his YouTube channel, thus he told that he does not get much paid through ad revenue but as his family members run a Farming and Construction Business thus he uses some of the material from their Construction Business. Thus he was grown up on the Farm with Heavy Machinery.



Thus his family members told him to handle the Family Business but he had decided what he wanted to do with his Life. Thus in January 2015 he started his own Youtube channel and uploaded a Video but later to complete his High Schooling he took a break for about 3 years. So again in the year 2017, he started uploading the Videos on Vehicles, he kept posting information related to trucks and Vehicular Modifications and stuff like that. His video of a handmade 100-inch wire strapped to his Duramax Truck went Viral due to his sense of humor and he knows what his audience wants.

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WhistlinDiesel’s real name is Cody Ditwiler who was born on July 18 in the year 1998 in Rural Parts of Indiana. Thus he has not revealed anything about where he was brought up. He attended the “Holmdel High School”.


As WhistlinDiesel is a Private Person so he has not revealed the names of his Parents or his siblings thus it is known that his parents run their own Family Business Construction and also own a Farm. There is no information related to his Siblings.

WhistlinDiesel’s Wife

WhistlinDiesel's wife

WhistlinDiesel’s wife

WhistlinDiesel was married to a girl whose name has not been disclosed by him but she has her Instagram account as Mrs.Whistlin, as he is a Private Person and wishes to keep things private about his wife. While his wife posts content related to automobiles on her Youtube channel. But later after a few years of marriage, they both had a nasty split, and his wife filed for Divorce thus he acknowledged his divorce from his wife by posting an Instagram Photo of his Girlfriend Katie Miller.

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Net Worth

Many people want to know the net worth of a You tuber. How much money a You tuber makes in a year? Some You tubers make a lot of money and some make a little. The net worth of a You tuber is dependent on the You tuber’s content, popularity, and the number of views they have.

The net worth of a You tuber is an interesting topic to contemplate. Your net worth is a reflection of the value you have created in your life. Thus his Net worth of $5 Million as he gets whole and sole money from the youtube Channel and through Collaborations and Brand Endorsements.

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WhistlinDiesel’s Age

The way people think about age is changing. There are more and more people those in their twenties, thirties, and beyond going on YouTube. There is a lot of information that you can learn from YouTube, but that doesn’t mean it is easy. You tubers have to have a large online presence. It’s not easy to get noticed on YouTube. Thus as he was born in the year 1998 his age according to the year 2022 is 24 years.

WhistlinDiesel’s  Instagram

Have you ever wanted to follow your favourite Youtuber on Instagram? But have you found it difficult to follow their account at times? By reading this blog you will know all about his Instagram account and the Instagram ID of favourite Youtuber.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by WHISTLINDIESEL (@whistlindiesel)

So WhistlinDiesel has about 2.2M followers on Instagram with the name “whistlindiesel” and has posted about 182 posts. Followers of any famous Personality keep on Changing according to their new releases and the kind of work they do. So these are the Followers according to the year 2022.

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WhistlinDiesel’s Lawsuit

He was being undermined by being sued by a past truck proprietor of a truck he bought from him however communicated that he doesn’t have any idea why. Since there have been no updates.
On May 22, Detwiler posted a video on his YouTube channel showing a connection he and his team had with a cop in Tennessee.

After sinking their boat, one of the individuals from the WhistlinDiesel group was causing disturbances while riding a fly ski, making the officer angry, as they were in a “no wake” zone. This implied that they are not supposed to make waves in that area. Thus he and his team are having to deal with wrongdoing penalties and as long as a year in prison for this incident.


What is the real name of WhistlinDiesel?

WhistlinDiesel's real name is Cody Ditwiler but as his youtube channel’s name is “WhistlinDiesel” he became famous as WhistlinDiesel and people named him as WhistlinDiesel.

Where is Cody Detwiler from?

Cody Ditwiler was born in Rural Parts of Indiana in the United States of America thus he belongs to America and his nationality is American.

Is WhistlinDiesel still married?

No, WhistlinDiesel has filed for Divorce with his wife, as he currently posted the photo of his girlfriend Katie Miller thus confirming his split with his Wife.


So this is all about WhistlinDiesel and his life story. Hope you enjoyed our blog and thus his life lessons will teach something so that even we can make changes in our life decisions and thus grow and scale bigger heights.

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