Two companions, alongside many other irrelevant clones took part in Photography Project.

Charlie Chasen and Michael Malone met in Atlanta in 1997 are the names of the two.

Malone and Chasen are doppelgängers. They look strikingly comparable, however, they are not related.

Their prompt progenitors are not even from similar regions of the planet.

Chasen's progenitors are from Lithuania and Scotland, while Malone's folks are from the Dominican Republic.

 Dr. Manel Esteller, a scientist at the Josep Carreras Leukemia Research Institute in Barcelona analyzed it.

His group enrolled 32 sets of clones from Brunelle's photos.

DNA tests and complete surveys about their ways of life was Taken.

These individuals truly resemble the other the same since they share significant pieces of the genome or the DNA succession.

That individual who looks all the more similar shares similar genes.