Former WWE star Savio Vega was hospitalized throughout the end of the week and is going through tests.

The 58-year-old wrestler - who showed up for the organization during the 1990s at first as toxin-heaving Kwang prior to sinking into his notable job - is supposed to be in a 'steady' condition.

He was hurried to the clinic on Saturday (August 20).

Savio Vega must be moved to a medical clinic in a crisis. He is still under treatment.

He has his current telephone to discuss just with his family members.

Although the justification behind him being hospitalized hasn't been uncovered, clinical staff are completing tests and medicines

In recent years, Savio - who arrived at the last of the King of the Ring competition in 1995.

Back in November 2020, he showed up on the screen at WWE Survivor Series as a feature of The Undertaker's personal last goodbye.

Fans have answered news he's in emergency clinic with great wishes via web-based entertainment, with one fan tweeting: 'stay Strong Savio Vega

'Get well Savio,' composed someone else, while others answered with contemplations, supplications and 'great energies'.