The Health of the 69-year-old Russian President has turned into a subject of hypothesis over ongoing months.

He's "done going to gatherings" as his military go on with the conflict in Ukraine.

 Putin has been determined to have malignant growth and he's been fighting other serious clinical issues, as well.

With a serious level of likelihood, we can say that soon the president can not by and by hold gatherings and partake in huge occasions."

 "Practically the whole military administration of Russia lays the fault for both the fruitless beginning and, as a rule, the course of the tactical activity.

It's likewise been guaranteed that Putin has utilized body duplicates on occasions in a bid to conceal his medical problems.

Putin is supposed to lose the help of his military in the midst of the continuous conflict in Ukraine.

The CIA Director as of late excused the hypothesis about Putin's wellbeing.

Bill Burns tended to hypothesize about the Russian chief, saying he's "altogether excessively solid".

It is demanded that the President felt "fine" and "healthy", and he portrayed the bits of gossip as "only deceptions".