More established grown-ups who get a ton of "screen time" may have an expanded gamble of creating dementia.

 Physical activity upholds mind well-being as individuals become older.

Proactive tasks bring down the risk of dementia.

 For every hour individuals ordinarily watched each day, the risk of dementia rose 24%.

More grown-ups who routinely worked out, and the individuals who invested more energy sitting in front of the TV had a higher dementia risk.

At times for each hour, more grown-ups who ordinarily spent time on a PC every day, their risk  of dementia declined by 15%.

Participating in additional successive Exercises, and eating a balanced diet  might lessen the risk of mental degradation."

Rather than getting the remote, attempt a new, intriguing book or take a walk."

 Sitting and perusing, or dealing with puzzles, could have comparative advantages.

The researchers focused on over 146,000 participants aged 60 and older who were dementia-free.