Officials have revealed the cause of death of  News 9 anchor Neena Pacholke.

Almost seven days after News 9-morning anchor Neena Pacholke was found dead in a Wisconsin home, her reason for death has been unveiled by authorities.

Authorities have revealed the reason for the death of News 9 anchor Neena Pacholke.

The 27-year-old committed suicide on Aug. 27, as per an assertion from the Wausau Police Department in Wisconsin.

Specialists said Pacholke had made "suicidal explanations" before she was tracked down dead by officials.

Pacholke was an understudy basketball player for the University of South Florida.

She joined News 9 as a journalist in 2017 subsequent to moving on from school,

"The whole group here at News 9 are totally crushed by the misfortune as we probably are aware so many others are too," the group added.

Following her passing, her partners have shared tributes for grieving the misfortune

 Neena Pacholke was lovely individual she and the  most brilliant light in the room. The greatest grin and the most amusing chuckle."