At the point when Heath Ledger was viewed as dead, it wasn't 911 who got the main call.

All things being equal, in a secret that befuddles many, Mary-Kate Olsen was the primary individual to learn of the entertainer's demise.

Diana Wolozin, Heath Ledger's masseuse, unfortunately, found the entertainer who had kicked the bucket from excess in a New York condo on January 22, 2008.

Wolozin showed up for an ordinary meeting with Ledger upon the arrival of his passing.

Wolozin called Olsen a sum of multiple times, three preceding paramedics showed up and one later.

Olsen was a dear companion of Ledger's who the entertainer purportedly had on speed dial.

Police accepted that Ledger was dead before Wolozin showed up, so her calls to Olsen didn't assume a part in the examination.

Mary-Kate and Heath were nonchalantly dating for a considerable length of time before Heath's passing.

The two purportedly met in the mid year of 2006, when Ledger was 27 and Olsen was 20.

DEA specialists thought two pain relievers found in Ledger's framework were wrongfully gotten.