Lea Michele opens up about  Past Allegations

Lea Michele is in Broadway's Funny Girl, Lea Michele said she encountered an "extraordinary season of reflection" following past claims encompassing her conduct at work.

Days before her impending debut as Fanny Brice in Broadway's Funny Girl, the 35-year-old focused on the parts of her professional life.

In June 2020, Glee star Samantha Ware blamed Michele for making her experience on the show, which ran from 2009 to 2015, "a horrific experience".

 She said she confronted "traumatic microaggressions" from Michele.

the Actress said that the claims against her evoked an "extraordinary season of reflection."

As well as pondering past claims, Michele likewise tended to talk that once coursed about her not having the ability to read or write.

"I went to 'glee' each and every day; I knew my lines each and every day," Michele told

I think frequently in the event that I was a man,  this wouldn't be the situation." she added.

"But I really don't care about that at this point. It's just about being able to play this part." she added.