Bed Bath & Beyond's CFO Gustavo Arnal  attempted suicide. at the age of 52.

Bed Bath and Beyond's CFO Gustavo Arnal Dies by Suicide at Age 52

Bed Bath and Beyond's chiefs are grieving the demise of the organization's CFO Gustavo Arnal.

The leader passed on at 52 years old on Sept. 2, the association has affirmed.

Officials said the man "appeared to suffer from injuries indicative from a fall from an elevated position.

 Arnal passed on from numerous traumatic injuries and he ended his own life.

Gustavo will be recalled by all he worked with for his administration, ability, and stewardship of our Company his partner said.

Arnal joined Bed Bath and Beyond in May 2020 after already working at Avon, Walgreens Boots Alliance, and Procter and Gamble.

 Mr. Arnal was instrumental in directing the association all through the Covid pandemic, changing the Company's monetary establishment.

Bed Bath and Beyond have been confronting difficulties. On Aug. 31, the organization declared the closure of 150 of its stores and uncovered it was lessening its labor force by 20%.

Because of such reasons, he confronted mental aggravations and subsequently endeavored self-destruction.