Words usually can't do a picture justice — however, Aubrey O'Day has a couple of more to add.

The Danity Kane vocalist took to Instagram Sunday to address charges that a large number of her photographs are photoshopped and created.

O'Day shared a couple of pictures of herself photoshopped to embrace Jesus at the entryways of Heaven.

She wrote that she: Took the (personal luxury plane) to Heaven in the last 24.. needed to impart to you all the way that delightful it was. Additionally ran into Jesus and we embraced it out."

O'Day has different photographs on her Instagram account that highlight her in pleasant areas.

Counting Bali, Indonesia, Santorini, Greece, and Bora, French Polynesia.

"Young lady was u truly there or presently," one Instagram client remarked.

"Photoshop Qeen," another client remarked.

It is Alleged that O'Day "either takes content from other Content makers" or Photoshops herself into special pictures.

She said, "I endeavor to give you all lovely content  that feels the manner in which the spots I travel vibrate.. since I need you all to vibrate high with me."