Atlanta Braves outfielder Marcell Ozuna has been captured once more, this time for supposedly driving alcoholic early Friday morning in Atlanta.

 Ozuna, 31, was let out of prison in Gwinnett County later in the day subsequent to posting a bail of $1,830.

He was back close by his colleagues by Friday evening.

This is the Dominican's second capture in as numerous years, with the primary coming on May 29, 2021.

Ozuna was accused of battery for an occurrence in 2021 including his better half.

Officials said they saw Ozuna get his better half by the neck and toss her against a wall, as well as hitting her with a cast on his harmed left hand.

Significant League Baseball suspended Ozuna retroactively for 20 games after the 2021 season, making him allowed to return in 2022.

"I frustrated my group. I frustrated my loved ones. I have nothing to say more. It's a legitimate matter," Ozuna said.

Ozuna hasn't begun games as of late for the Braves. In 107 games he's batting .214.

Before Ozuna's legitimate difficulty and on-field battles, the Braves marked Ozuna to a $65 million, four-year contract.