Arden Cho's new role has added great meaning to her life both professionally and personally.

She gets serious about her role in the Netflix show series Partner Track, and why she was at first drawn to the character.

She makes sense that the show intends to address racism in the work environment and it has made impact in her life.

"As she's trying to break this glass ceiling and win,she is battling with everything we experience throughout everyday life,"

"There's friendship, love, family, drama, and a little touch of comedy. In ways, it's light and fun and sexy," she adds. "There's really something for everyone."

For Cho, the capacity to address racism in the work environment and spread mindfulness on the issue was simply one more advantage of being a piece of the Netflix series.

"It's very relatable," she says. "The microaggressions are things that people might experience anywhere in the classroom, at work

After experiencing her own horrific racist attack in 2020, Cho believes she now has a better understanding of how to deal with microaggressions.

In any case, as Cho progresses in years, the entertainer says she's figuring out how to embrace the force of speaking up.

 She makes sense of it. "I feel like I am still on the journey of learning, as is my character, Ingrid. It's extremely synchronous."