All you need to know about Peacock's new series Vampire Academy

We've gathered together all that you really want to about Peacock's new series Vampire Academy, from the cast to how it contrasts from the books and 2014 film.

Peacock is starting off the creepy season somewhat ahead of schedule with the debut of the spic and span series Vampire Academy, which premieres  Sept. 15.

The series follows two young ladies — one a Royal vampire and the other her half-vamp defender.

They explore kinships, sentiments, and ordinary youngster issues, all while managing a bigger danger to vampire society.

The initial four episodes of Vampire Academy debut on September 15 on Peacock, with the excess six debuting week after week on Thursdays.

Show is a "cutting edge variation" of the books

The series follows the fellowship of two young ladies "as they plan to finish their schooling and enter vampire society.

The show depends on the smash hit book series of a similar name by writer Richelle Mead.

Sisi Stringer and Daniela Nieves star as the dearest companions at the focal point of the story.