Alexandra Rose Says Many  Co-Stars have Blocked Her

Selling the OC star Alexandra Rose uncovered that few of her Netflix co-stars have blocked her since the show's debut.

Everything isn't generally splendid and radiant for these reality stars.

The cast of Netflix's new series Selling the OC — appeared on Aug. 24

There is someone that has blocked me, and afterward, there are two others that unfollowed me and afterward eliminated me from their supporters, she told.

"In this way, there are three others that just don't like me

She didn't indicate which cast individuals she was alluding to, yet Polly Brindle added a word or two about keeping specific individuals off of her Instagram feed.

"I think there should be a little bit of competition, at least in business," said Lauren Shortt.

Season one of Selling the OC is currently spilling on Netflix.

Lauren Shortt. "I think we're all competitive people by nature, being real estate agents."