Tori Gomez Wiki – Age, Family, Biography, Facts, Siblings, Selena Gomez

Tori Gomez Biography
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Tori Gomez Wiki – Age, Family, Biography, Facts, Siblings, Selena Gomez


Tori Gomez who is also called Victoria Gomez is the sister of Selena Gomez. Selena Gomez grew up as an only child but her life got twisted up and down in the year 2013 in the year 2014 Selena’s mother Mandy Tiffy and her second husband Bran Tefi gave birth to their daughter Gracie Elliot in the year 2013 and then exactly after 1 year later in June 2014, Selena’s father Ricardo Gomez and his wife Sarah welcomed their daughter Victoria so-called Tori Gomez and thus Selena has now to loving sisters.

Tori Gomez Biography

Tori Gomez Biography

Selena is attached to her sister Gracie Elliot TV  and thus Selena had also told that she is obsessed with her and becoming a big sister and thus has a responsibility on her to be a Role Model for her sisters and thus we will look towards Tori’s interesting facts and also about her bond with the Superstar Selena Gomez.

Personal Info

  Real Name   Tori Gomez
  Date of birth   25th June 2014, Wednesday
  Age(as in 2022)   8 Years
  Birthplace   California
  Nationality   American
  Religion   Christianity
  Childhood   Tori Gomez was born on 25th June 2014 in America.
  Family   Father’s name is Ricardo and the mother’s name is Sarah.
  Lifestory   Tori is trying to take up all the great values of her superstar sister Selena Gomez.
  Profession   Family Member
  Height   In feet – 4’0″

In centimeters – 121 cm

  Weight   22
  Eye Color   Black
  Hair Color   Black
  Siblings Selena Gomez

Gracie Gomez


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Tori Gomez Childhood

Tori Gomez Childhood

She was born and brought up in California. Tori is Selena’s paternal half-sister and thus Tori was born on 25th June 2014 to Selena’s father Ricardo and her second wife Sarah thus Selena shares a special bond with both her paternal and maternal sisters.

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Tori Gomez age

As Tori Gomez was born in the year 2014 her age according to the year 2022 is around 8 years.

Life story

Tori Gomez was born to Super Star Selena Gomez’s father Ricardo and his second wife Sarah. Tori’s real name is Victoria Gomez and thus she was born in the year 2014 along with Tori Selena has another sister who is born to Selena’s Mother and thus they share a wonderful bond with each other.


Selena is very obsessed with both tori and Gracie and thus makes them very feel protected and also had taken Gracie to the Frozen 2 premiere on 7th November and they had wore matching dresses and Sequined feather capes and it is the truly cutest thing and thus Selena in one of the interviews she told that they stepped onto the red carpet together and said to her sister that don’t be nervous and said to just pull her hand and will take you off immediately and thus was her favorite red carpet she had ever done.

Selena teaches both tori and Gracie to be fearless in one of her videos and thus is damn inspiring but Tori is not seen much on Selena’s Instagram but Selena has a super big presence in her life and there are pictures of Selena celebrating Victoria’s birthday and also Selena has posted pictures of Selena’s Concerts to wish her good luck with her sister Tori.

Selena had also posted pictures on Christmas Eve of the year 2014 and captioned that it was one of the most refreshing pictures ever.

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Tori Gomez so-called Victoria Gomez’s father’s name is Ricardo who is the father of Selena and Tori’s father married another woman named Sarah and thus is Selena’s stepmother and along with this Selena’s mother manda also married Bran Tefi and they had a child together named Gracie.

Along with this the family also includes maternal grandparents Davis and Debbie while Ricardo and Mazy are paternal grandparents. Marcus is Selena’s stepbrother who was born to Sara before she married Ricardo.

Tori Gomez and Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez’s father Ricardo married to second wife Sarah and Tori i.e Victoria Gomez is the daughter of Sarah and Ricardo and thus Tori is the Paternal sister of Selena and they both share a very special bond with each other, though Selena doesn’t post too much about Tori Gomez but she had shared pictures of Tori Gomez on her birthday and also regarding Tori wishing best to Selena for her Concert and thus they both share a very warm bond with each other.

Tori Gomez and dalton

Dalton Gomez is an American luxury real estate agent and he is Ariana Grande’s husband, who married her and thus is a five year veteran of the Luxury Real Estate Market thus there is no relation between tori Gomez and dalton, only the surnames are the same and thus no any relation between them.

Tori Gomez siblings

Selena Gomez is the older sibling and Selena Gomez’s mother got married to Bran Tefi and thus her other sister’s name is Gracie and thus Marcus is Selena’s stepbrother who was born to Sara before she married Ricardo and thus they are total 3 siblings of Tori Gomez.

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Tori Gomez Instagram

There is no Instagram account for Tori Gomez and thus Selena posts pictures of her and Tori Gomez on Selena’s Instagram account. you can find selena’s Instagram account below.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Selena Gomez (@selenagomez)

Tori Gomez brother

Tori Gomez also has one brother whose name is Marcus and is Selena’s stepbrother who was born to Sara before she married Ricardo as he is Selena’s brother so he is also the brother of Tori Gomez.

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Tori  Gomez Ariana grande

There is no connection between Tori Gomez and Ariana grander as Ariana grande got married to Dalton Gomez on 15 May 2021 and thus only the surnames of Selena and Dalton are the same but there is no relation between them.


As Tori Gomez is the sister of Selena Gomez and thus she is just 8 years old and is busy with her studies and figuring out her goals thus there is no need for any net worth for her.

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Faq About Tori Gomez

What is Selena Gomez to Tori Gomez?

Tori is Selena’s paternal half-sister and thus Tori was born on 25th June 2014 to Selena’s father Ricardo and her second wife Sarah.

What does Tori Gomez do?

Tori Gomez is just a kid who was born in the year 2014 and as she is Selena Gomez’s sister she keeps on posting her photos on Instagram and thus has become a famous personality and Selena always strives to be a role model in front of her both sisters.

How old is Selena Gomez’s sister Tori Gomez?

As she was born in the year 2014 her age is 8 years old and Selena shares a special bond with her as she is her paternal sister.


This was all about Tori Gomez and thus now it’s time to see how Tori takes up all the great values of her sister Selena and how she builds herself in terms of her attitude towards people and many more soon we will update all other things related to Tori so stay tuned to our blog.

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