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Stevin John Biography
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Stevin John who is also known as Blippi is a Fun Character known for his Blue and Orange Outfit. Thus he is one of the famous YouTubers and an Influencer who is famous for his entertaining and Educational Videos through which he teaches Kids Simply and easily. He has around 13 YouTube Channels in around 10 Languages. He’s one of the channels named “Blippi Educational Videos For Kids” has about 14 Million Subscribers and over 10 Billion Views.


Stevin John

Stevin John

He is also known as Blippi, Steezy Grossman. During his childhood, he had to decide to become a Limousine Driver and a Fighter Pilot. And also served in U.S Military as a Load Master and also did many Jobs like being a Cameraman and a Dishwasher Man, thus later he encountered one Incident with his Nephew which Inspired him to start a YouTube channel and thus became “Blippi”. Thus through this blog one will get Insights into “Blippi’s” life.

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Personal Info

  Real name   Stevin John
  Known For   As Blippi from   his Kids   Entertainment   You Tube channel.
  Date of Birth   27th May 1988.
  Schooling   Elementary and   Secondary   School in   America.




  Age   35 as in year     2022.
  Birthplace   Ellensburg,   America.
  Nationality   American
  Family   Information   about her   Parents has not   been revealed by  him.


  Profession   You Tuber,   Social  Media   Influencer.
  Height   6 feet 0 inches
  Weight   62kg
  Eye Color   Brown
  Hair Color   Blonde
  Life story   Got Inspired   from his   Nephew  to start   his YouTube   Channel.
  Networth   $75Million
  Social Media   379K followers   on Instagram.
  Relationship   Married to   Alysse Ingham .


Stevin John was born on 27th May 1988 in Ellensburg, Washington, United States. And thus when he grew up he wanted to become a Limousine Driver and a Fighter Pilot thus did his schooling in the United States and later worked in U.S  Military.

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Life story

On 27th January, Stevin uploaded his first “Blippi” video on his YouTube Channel. During the beginning of his career, he did “Filming”,” Editing” and “Graphics”. His most popular video is “Blippi learns about Jungle Animals For Kids” which has about 84 Million views on his Video. Blippi’s character first came into the limelight in the year 2014, and then he crafted countless Videos on the website educating Children on a Variety of Topics, Including Colors and Letters. And is also streaming on Platforms like Hulu and Amazon Prime.

Stevin John

Stevin John

Wearing a Blue Shirt, Orange Suspenders Bow tie and Orange and Blue newsboy cap, Blippi explains and explores exciting things such as Fire Trucks, Zoos and animals to his Young Viewers while teaching them about Numbers, Colours, Shapes, and more.

Stevin John Past

During his childhood, he grew up surrounded by Tractors, Cows, and Horses in Ellensburg and wanted to be a Limousine Driver and a Fighter Pilot. Before he started the YouTube Channel he was working In the United States Air Force and thus he was a Serviceman. Stevin served as a LoadMaster in the Air Force in the C-17 globe master aeroplane after the fourth Airlift Squadron as a military Veteran.

Stevin John past

Stevin John past

The idea of becoming a Blippi came to his mind when he came back home to Ellensburg he saw his two-year-old Nephew watching low quality and unknowledgeable videos on YouTube regarding Pre-Schooling and thus this clicked his mind and he started his channel by publishing his first Video on 27th January 2014.

Stevin Did many jobs before entering this field, he had spent his early career in  Branch Development, Digital Content Creation and Online Marketing and also did Minor jobs like being a Dishwasher Man, Cameraman. Thus by his hard work and determination, he is what he is Today. And thus going through many Hardships and doing many odd Jobs he took the courage to start his YouTube channel and reached the Pinnacle of Glory.

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Stevin John's family

Stevin John’s family

His Girlfriend’s name is Alyssa Ingham, thus on 2nd August 2021 Stephen John got engaged to Elisa and then later in October 2021 they shared the news that they are expecting a Baby thus have a son named  “Lochlan David John” Along with his family members, he has pet dogs named Leno and Lily.

Stevin John Wife

Stevin John's wife

Stevin John’s wife

A few Months Earlier the Blippi announced that he Proposed to Alyssa Ingham by posting snapshots from the Special Moment, he is seen on one Knee in one Picture and Jumping for Joy With Ingham in Another. Alyssa Ingham is the Communications Manager at Kideo Inc. and thus helps Stevin to Create Entertainment Videos for Kids along with Stevin.

Stevin John’s Blippi

Stevin John started his Channel “Blippi” which was based on the Incident he encountered with his Nephew. While he was doing many Minor Jobs he use to come his home to Ellensburg, one day he saw that his Nephew was Watching Low Quality and Low Content Videos of the Videos related to Pre- Schooling and thus this Inspired him to start his Channel which will appeal to Young Children, and his Character “John Blippi” is portrayed with Childlike, Energetic and Curious Person who is Dressed in Blue and Orange Beanie Cap, Blue Shirt, Orange Suspenders and A Bow Tie which was Designed by his Mother. Thus on 27th January 2014, he published his First Video on YouTube and thus today he has about 13 Youtube Channels in around 10 Languages.

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Stevin John House

Stevin John House

Stevin John House

Stevin lives in Las Vegas, Nevada. His house is a Residential Project Located in America which is designed by Robel’s Architecture. The luxury house was built on a Site where the ecosystem is protected i.e the house is surrounded by Trees and thus he has made sure that the trees and the whole ecosystem are protected without giving damage to it. And in his house, he has tried to put Glass everywhere so that Natural Light gets Filtered thus minimizing energy consumption.

Stevin John  Kids


Stevin John and Alysse Ingham welcomed their first Baby on March 9. Thus they named their son “Lochlan David John”. They both posted on Instagram, posting a Family Portrait saying that “Welcome to the World”. Thus as their son is just a few months old not much Information is available about him.

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View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Stevin John (@stevinjohn)

Stevin John has about 379K followers on his Instagram account and has about 147 posts on his account thus one can see his account by Clicking on the Link Below his Instagram ID is stevin john.

Stevin John Age

Stevin John was born on 27th May 1988 in Ellensburg, Washington, the United States thus his age according to the year 2022 is about 35 years.

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Stevin’s Estimated Networth is about $75 Millions and his earnings are solely from his YouTube Channel, as he has about 13 Youtube Channels from which he gets the Massive Amount of Money, while he gets a few Million through Brand Endorsements thus his estimated Networth becomes about $75 Million.


What is the Networth of Stevin John?

Stevin’s Estimated Networth is about $75 Millions and his earnings are solely from his YouTube Channel and through Brand Endorsements.

Was Stevin John in the Military?

Before he started his YouTube Channel he was serving in the Military as a LoadMaster in the Air Force in the C-17 globe master aeroplane after the fourth Airlift Squadron as a military Veteran.

What is the real Name of Blippi?

Blippi's real Name is Stevin John and he is known by the names like Blippi, Steezy Grossman and many more.

Does Stevin have a Wife or Kids?

Stevin got married to Alysse Ingham on 2nd August 2021 and thus in October he announced the News of they both expecting a Baby on March 9th 2022 they welcomed their son which they named “Lochlan David John”.



Thus this was all about Stevin John(Blippi) and his life story, thus by doing many Odd jobs being a Dishwasher and Cameraman and being in a Military he took courage and made a difference in the learning process of the kids through Live Experiences and thus scaled the Greater Heights.

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