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Rudra The Edge of Darkness (2022) review: Not a worthy OTT Latest News & Videos, Photos about rudra the edge of darkness

rudra the edge of darkness
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Aditya Birla Group’s entertainment company Applause Entertainment has collaborated with BBC Studios to remake their popular show ‘Luther’ in Hindi as ‘Rudra: The Age of Darkness’. Actor Ajay Devgan, who made his OTT debut last year with the film ‘Bhuj: The Pride of India’, which was released directly on OTT, is now making his web series debut. Ajay Devgan’s presence is the magnet of this web series, towards which his fans are sure to be drawn.
rudra the edge of darkness

rudra the edge of darkness

  Movie Review   Rudra: The Age of Darkness
  Artist   Ajay Devgn, Rashi Khanna, Esha Deol, Ashwani Kalsekar and Atul Kulkarni
  Author   Ishan Trivedi, Abbas Dalal, Hussain Dalal, Jai Sheela Bansal, Chirag Mahabal and Gagan Singh Sethi
  the director   Rajesh Mapuskar
  the creator   BBC Studios India and Applause Entertainment
  Release date   4 March 2022
In the series, he is playing the role of a police officer and in such characters, Ajay’s fans’ favorite character has been ‘Singham’. Rudra is dressed up in a way like the antonym of Singham. This character does not get down from the circling car. He neither catches the criminals by flying in the air nor while doing all this, the vehicles are seen bouncing behind him on the screen. Rudra’s character is a strong character written for Ajay Devgn. Its first season has just arrived. And, In the first season itself, Ajay Devgan has succeeded in establishing the case. There is scope for improvement in many places in the series and it should be expected that the series makers will definitely remove them in the next season.
Ishaan Trivedi, Abbas Dalal, and Hussain Dalal have jointly written the remake of ‘Luther’, the show that brought fame to Idris Elba. The remake is because if it were translated, then the folk of Hindustan can be put in it in a better way. In the web series ‘Rudra: The Age of Darkness, since the entire focus is on its main character DCP Rudra Veer Singh, the expansion of the story also remains confined to his periphery. The only difference between the original and the remake is that the story here is a bit slow.
rudra the edge of darkness review

rudra the edge of darkness review

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The pressure of completing a crime story in every episode is clearly visible on the writers and director. The body language of the criminal, his body language, and his emotions are analyzed not through scenes but through his dialogues with Rudra. Readers of news on frequent news channels keep on speaking in Hindi and English according to their own accord, This usually doesn’t happen. The first season has a total of six episodes and with an average duration of 50 minutes, each episode has been tried to make each episode like a complete small-budget film.
The story expansion of ‘Rudra: The Age of Darkness’ directed by Rajesh Mapuskar proceeds according to ‘Luther’. But the point to note is that Luther has more time than Rudra to solve a crime story there and these stories are from a decade ago. ‘Rudra’ is a 2022 series. The stories are chosen in the first season to set the plot of the story range from childish colonels to celebrity bloodthirsty and brain-shaken criminals who are not mentioned in the typical crime stories.
rudra the edge of darkness review 2022

rudra the edge of darkness review 2022

And, one of the attractions of watching this series continuously is these criminals of this series too. Artists like KC Shankar, Hemant Kher, and Luke Kenny have also managed to shine in these characters. If seen, if Ajay Devgan is seen successful in pulling the audience till this series, then only these actors playing the role of criminals become the reason for watching this series continuously.

The web series ‘Rudra:

The Age of Darkness’ has become a great series and is also a series. And, the reason for this is that the character of its characters did not emerge properly under its direction. Rudra’s own family story doesn’t ache in front of the audience. Seeing Rudra standing on the side of the roof of the building, the audience understands that he is broken from within. But, the pain of the story of his wife living with her lover slowly unfolds and its effect is not visible on the story.
There itself, Alia’s character also seems half-baked. A relationship between this vicious minded girl of a police officer who thinks like criminals makes up the story of the series, but the backgrounds of both do not give the script as much support as one would expect in such a series. If Esha Deol looks ineffective in the series, then it is not her fault but the script. This series also does not give much chance to Rashi Khanna to show the colors of her acting.
Jai Sheela Bansal, Chirag Mahabal and Gagan Singh Sethi have penned similar dialogues as the entire setting of the series is set in the backdrop of Mumbai. In such a situation, Rudra’s character is not able to give much novelty to the series, despite being a police officer who keeps weaving something inside. It is interesting to try to make Mumbai’s locales a part of the story in the series, but Mumbai is so worn out in films and series that even after a good effort, it does not arouse much curiosity among the audience. Instead of Mumbai, if the background of the series is in a Hindi speaking state, such as Chandigarh, Had Jaipur or Lucknow been kept, there would have been innovation in it and the original DNA of ‘Luther’ would have been able to give birth to new progeny in a better way.

The locations of the series ‘The Great Indian Murder’, which released just before it on Disney Plus Hotstar, created a lot of interest among the audience. In this sense, all the efforts of Hemant Hemane’s camera also do not help the series extra. The pressure of completing the story in the shortest possible time is also visible on the series’ video editor Antara Lahiri. This series is only for those who like crime stories and Ananya Birla also announces this with her song as soon as the series starts.

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