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RRR Movie Review: The fleet of ‘RRR’ crossed in the name of SS Rajamouli, read where it stuck and where it wandered in ‘Roudram Ranam Rudhiram’

RRR Movie Review
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RRR Movie Review: The fleet of ‘RRR’ crossed in the name of SS Rajamouli, read where it stuck and where it wandered in ‘Roudram Ranam Rudhiram’


Director SS Rajamouli’s film ‘RRR’, made in about five hundred and fifty crore rupees, competes with his own films ‘Bahubali’ and ‘Bahubali 2’. The outcome of Rajamouli’s film, which has made Indian cinema a strong place in the world, will also decide the next direction of the entertainment industry in the country.


‘RRR’ is the 12th film of director SS Rajamouli’s 21-year career. Rajamouli’s films so far have been successful, even though the films were not hits, they also did not sink their producer’s money at the box office. His last two films ‘Baahubali’ and ‘Bahubali 2’ have been the biggest threats to Indian cinema on the world cinema scene. The success of these films showed that it is not the stars but the stories of the films, their filming, and their technical flair and prosperity that will do wonders at the box office. And, then came ‘The Kashmir Files’ which erased all these myths and started writing the box office figures anew on the blackboard. These are two different faces of cinema and politics. Now it is the turn of the film in which these two are included. In the war that broke out against the British, there is a story of two banks in the South, ‘Roudram Ranam Rudhiram’ i.e. the film ‘RRR’.
RRR Movie Review

RRR Movie Review

Another story of ‘Kranti’ 
is the story of the film ‘RRR’ in the 1920s. The freedom struggle that broke out from the North has set fire to the South. British tyranny is at its peak. There are two voters. Both have their own intentions. Komaram Bheem is a completely native, ignorant of the tricks and intent of taking the world under control on his own. And, the second one is a bit grown-up. He has to know the world. He also intends to control the storm i.e. Alluri Sitarama Raju. There are many other characters in this story of Ram and Bhima, but these are the two main wheels of the chariot of the film ‘RRR’ and if Bhima has handled the matter before the interval, then the slowness that came after the interval, Ram in the Lankakand of the climax. Succeeded in removing it.
RRR Full Movie Review

RRR Full Movie Review

SS Rajamouli’s character
SS Rajamouli has a dream world of his own to make cinema in panoramic visuals. However, this time his story is not from any fantasy world from Mahishmati, but whatever he has created on earth, some hundred years ago, is incomparable. Rajamouli’s cinema has come on that track of Vishwacinema in which the detail of the plot works more than the characters. Here he gets help from V Vijayendra Prasad. Those who have seen Vijayendra Prasad narrating the script of the film, start seeing the detail of the film as soon as they turn a blind eye. He narrates the character last. In both Rajamouli’s previous films, this expansion has been seen by Hindi-speaking audiences. He has woven a similar dream in the film ‘RRR’. At first sight, he seems to be taking forward the cinema of the ‘Bahubali’ series, but this time his path is not so easy either.

Before discussing where Komaram Bheem’s Dhamak
film ‘RRR’ gets stuck in its flow and where it wanders, talk about the stars of the film. Of the two stars of this film, Ram Charan is better known by the people in the Hindi belt than Jr NTR and his dubbed films have a better market too. But, in the film ‘RRR’, Rajamouli’s focus seems to be more on Jr NTR. At least before the interval, the film belongs to him. How Komaram Bheem comes on screen and the mannerisms with which Rajamouli has shown his entry into the story is panoramic.

Ram Charan’s arrival in the film has not become as grand as Alluri’s different style. The film rests on the balance of both. And, that’s why when the film looks boring after the interval, then Alluri gets the responsibility of bringing it to the end and Ram Charan has spread the charisma of his personality here. There is nothing special to do for Alia Bhatt and Ajay Devgan in the film, but whenever both of them come on screen, they leave their impact. Olivia Morris’s portrayal of Jennifer impresses the other cast. Samothikani is the surprise package of the film. Allison Doody and Ray Stevenson do a good job as story originators. The memory of Shriya Saran also remains after the end of the film.
The math of the songs is weak,
technically the film is huge. Rajamouli has kept the film under control from beginning to end. The film has its own drunken gait. She derives grandeur from her filming. Cinematographer KK Senthil Kumar, his most trusted warlord from Rajamouli’s team, has once again shown how the importance of atmosphere is established in the story if the director’s point of view is clear. The film’s art direction, computer graphics, and video effects are also worth noting. Just because the film falters about its music. The all-India level of music in South Indian films was established by AR Rahman in the film ‘Roja’, now Devi Sri Prasad has been able to replicate it in the film ‘Pushpa Part One. MM Keeravani is popularly known as MM Cream in Hindi cinema. His songs are the weakest link in the film ‘RRR’.
Post-Interval Challenge
The second front on which the film ‘RRR’ strikes the audience is its length. The film bores for about 40 minutes after the interval. Sreekar Prasad could have saved the film from this slow pace by keeping the editing of the film tight and its length to about two and a half hours. If the film is weighed on the scale of the stories of the ‘Bahubali’ series, then the film ‘RRR’ will turn out to be weak because there is no father, birth mother, foster mother, half-brother’s conspiracy, Ardhangini’s perseverance, and girlfriend’s impatience. One of the weak aspects of the film ‘RRR’ is its inability to engage the audience emotionally.
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