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Rahul Roy wikibio
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In the Bollywood industry, there are some stars whose first film took them to such a pinnacle of glory, but at the same time making them the biggest flop actors among the industry, it is the actor Rahul Roy whose first film made such a fuss among people that he had made people crazy by his acting in the superhit film known as AASHIQUI.

Rahul Roy wikibio

Rahul Roy wikibio

The actor born on 9 Feb in the year 1968 in Mumbai. His father’s name is Deepak and Indira Roy, his father was having construction business and his mother use to write articles in the magazine. Rahul Roy did his education at Lawrence School, Sanwar. His mother’s brother Cory Walia was famous in the fashion industry and has acquired great fame.

During college, he would do theatre and thus he was interested in pursuing acting rather than to enter in the family business, so he started doing modeling. Once his mother wrote an article in one magazine due to which the director Mahesh Bhatt got very impressed and came to his house to meet his mother, and Mahesh Bhatt also saw his photos, and then decided to take him in a film. Then he invited Rahul Roy to his office where he offered the film AASHIQUI and told the story in one line that “ To gain something you have to loose something”.

Thus he accepted the offer and when the film was released people went crazy by his songs and acting of his in the film and thus this film became a blockbuster and thus during the premiere he was not able to see the movie because people went so much insane to see him. In this way, he became the overnight star, but further he didn’t get that much fame to his films, but then he also worked hard again as he was vey passionate about his acting career, but unfortunately, he didn’t make that mark again on his fan’s heart.

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After his film AASHIQUI went superhit people thought that he will be the biggest superstar of this era, but unfortunately he didn’t got any film offer till 6 months then afterward he all together signed the offer of 60 films, but then he was unable to carry out the shoot for all the films, so he then gave back the signing amount of about 25 films.

After AASHIQUI  he came in front of people as a villain in his film JUNOON, this film also became a super hit, people became crazy to see his villain look. Then he came in the film from the Mahesh Bhatt campaign which was named as PHIR TERI KAHANI YAAD AAGAYI which based on Mahesh Bhatt’s life in which Pooja Bhatt was the heroine, then he came in the film SAPNE SAJAN KE along with Karisma Kapoor, but this was the flop film. Then he came in a number of films like JAANAM, DILWALE, PYAAR KA SAYA from the year 1992 to 1993, but these films were considered flop films. Then he further decided to take a break and find out what truly my heart desires.

Then after a long gap, he has seen a villain in the film GUMRAH, this film was also a superhit. But further he didn’t appear in any films. Then in 2006, he came in the reality show BIGG BOSS, people thought that how would he survive there, but as he was having the never give up attitude he won the show and got a massive amount of Rs 1 cr and started his own production called as RAHUL ROY PRODUCTIONS. As he in his career did 25 films and out of which 22 films were considered a flop, but still he didn’t give up he again did many Tamil and Marathi films.

In his recent interviews, he said that he is a very down-to-earth person and he is happy about what God has given to him and he is trying to do something about the street animals as he is compassionate towards the street animals.

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Rahul Roy has a twin brother named Rohit Roy who is 25 min younger than him. When Rahul was 11 years old his father and mother had divorced each other, so his brother did his education from Delhi and joined his father’s family business while Rahul Roy came into the film industry. Later on, he got married to the Model named Rajlaxmi Khanwilkar but later on, after 14 years they divorced.


After 14 years of marriage, he had divorced his wife Rajlaxmi. During the time where he had flop films, there were rumors that he is in a Relationship with Pooja Bhatt and also later on with Suman Ranganathm but these were not serious relationships. Then when he was doing the film Jab Jab Dil Mile he was seen in a relationship with Actress Manisha, but he didn’t give time to her as he was busy spending time with Mahesh Bhatt, so she broke the relationship with Rahul Roy.


Rahul Roy wikibio

During his time of superhit films he use to have a fabulous collection of cars, but today due to his flop films he has Fortuner worth Rs 32 lakhs and Audi A6 which is worth Rs 42 lakhs.


Rahul Roy takes about 30 lakhs for one Film and 10 lakhs for any brand promotion and his net worth is about 37 cr.


Extra facts:

1)Rahul Roy and Shahrukh khan were batchmates when they were studying in Delhi together.
2)In 2011 Rahul Roy opened his own production house named Rahul Roy Productions and then he also produced a Bhojpuri film called as ALAAN in which he too played a role.
3)In 2017, he also entered politics In the BJP party and also got further elected. But soon he left the politics too.
4) He also further started doing reality shows like KAISE KAHAN.
5)He also produced films like CABARET and A THIN LINE in the year 2019.
6) 2 years ago, he had a brain stroke when he was shooting for the film LIVE THE BATTLE , in Srinagar due to shooting at about -15 degrees Celsius and was immediately transferred to Mumbai’s Nanavati hospital Mumbai, due to a stroke his left side of his head and also was unable to speak properly, and thus further his speech and physical therapy was stared.

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Rahul Roy had a lot of controversies based on his affair, He was seen with Pooja Bhatt during the film PHIR TERI KAHANI YAAD AAGAYI, it was rumored that they were in a relationship, but there was no love between them they were good as friends.

He was also locked in one case in which due to failing of the breaks of the car in film city, due to which the bones of the man who came in front of the car were broken. Due to which that man filed a case against him. During the film GUMRAH in Mauritius, he was considered as a criminal due to which he had controversies.

Due to flop films, he didn’t give up and did many films and also did many B and C grade movies too.
Despite doing so much hard work and doing so many films, other than getting successful, he had a lot of controversies.


Rahul Roy’s Instagram account has a massive fan following of about 203K followers and has about 762 posts and also his Instagram ID is officialrahulroy.



His facebook account has nearly had 14617 followers.

Famous song of Rahul Roy


Therefore one should take alleviation from his life, Rahul Roy did about 25 flicks about which only 2 flicks came super successes in his whole career, despite giving numerous bomb flicks he didn’t lose stopgap and has a noway give up station due to which he kept doing on flicks and also always tries to give his stylish in whatever he does.

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