Noah Shannon Green wiki (Megan Fox Kids) – Biography, School, Age, Net Worth, Education …

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Noah Shannon Green wiki (Megan Fox Kids) – Biography, School, Age, Net Worth, Education …


Noah Shannon Green is the son of the most talented women in Cinematography, Megan Fox started her professional career being a School Girl and as a teenager, she began to feature in bit parts that made her realize what career she wanted to pursue in the future and then further after completing her schooling she moved to Hollywood to conquer it and did many small roles but in the year 2007, she debuted in the drama called “ Holiday in the Sun” and further in “ Sitcom Hope and Faith “ that has been lasting since 2003 till 2006 and thus is happily spending time with her kids.

Noah Shannon Green biography

Noah Shannon Green biography

In 2010 she married Brian when she was 18 and Brian was 30 in the year 2004 and thus tied the knot on Hawaii Island after a few years Megan was about to file for Divorce against him but the news of her pregnancy came out and thus in the year 2012 they welcomed Noah Shannon Green and then in the year 2014 they welcomed their second Son Bodhi and in 2016 their third son and thus prevented their separation and from this blog, we will look towards the life of Noah Shannon Green.

Personal Info

  Real Name   Noah Shannon Green
  Date of birth   27th September 2012
  Age (as in 2022)   10 Years
  School   Elementary and Primary Schooling from America.
  Birthplace   United States
  Nationality   American
  Profession   Celebrity kid
  Zodiac Sign   Libra
Childhood   Born on 27th September in the year 2012 in Los         Angeles, California.
  Family   Father – Brian Austin Green

Mother – Megan Fox

  Height   N/A
  Weight   32 kg
  Eye Color   Dark Brown
  Hair Color   Light Brown
  Siblings   Journey River green

Kassius Marcel Green

Bodhi Ransom Green

  Instagram   Soon updated.


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Noah Shannon’s Green Dress

Megan Fox knows that Childhood is all about having fun and this is how she raises her children especially her oldest son, Noah who is so passionate about fashion that he decided that dresses are so Cool that girls shouldn’t be the only ones wearing them. Megan explained in one interview that “Noah is a big fan of fashion! And he likes it so much that, when he sometimes gets dressed by himself,  he doesn’t want to stop wearing dresses.

Noah Shannon Green in green dress

Noah Shannon Green in green dress

Noah Shannon Green even helps her mom pick up her own dresses and tries to make them as cute as possible, Megan told a story in one interview that how she was trying on a yellow dress and Noah very confidently said that if they wrapped it in a certain way it would look like a diaper while Noah is suffering from Criticism and thus said that some friends of Noah approach him and tell that” Boys don’t wear dresses” or “ boys don’t wear pink” thus due to such comments Noah had stopped wearing such dresses but Megan wanted her son to express himself and started teaching him to be confident.

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In the year 2017 Megan on her Instagram posted a photo of her family members in which Noah was wearing a dress with the character from the Disney Movie Frozen and thus started judging Megan and also insulting that little boy and he and his father both supported Noah from such harsh comments.

Noah Shannon Green Age

Brian Austin and Megan met on a set of the movie in the year 2004 when Megan was 18 and Brian were 30, after two years of dating they started living together and In the year 2010 they tied the knot finally and but in then Megan had started with the process of filing divorce against Austin but in Fall 2012 they gave birth to their first son Noah Shannon Green and thus were extremely happy. Thus his age according to the year 2022 is 10 years.

Noah Shannon Green Now

Noah Shannon Green is now busy studying in Elementary and Primary School as he has become now 10 years old and thus enjoying every day by wearing different dresses of his choice and figuring out his Fashion sense despite being so small and thus building himself strongly to overcome the harsh comments of people.

Noah Shannon Green School

Noah Shannon Green had attended elementary school in the United States and also working on his Acting skills while he is also fond of playing soccer thus from such a small age, Noah Shannon Green is been a fashion icon and today he is about 10 years of age so he is attending his primary school from the United States.

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Noah Shannon Green Instagram

Noah Shannon Green is not seen on Instagram as he is too small to join it all the photos of Noah are been posted by his mother Megan Fox and one can see his pictures on Megan’s Instagram.


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Extra facts

  • Noah Shannon Green was born on the 27th September in the year 2012 to Spain parents Megan Fox and Brian Austin while his father is already having a kid with Vanessa Marcil.
  • Noah Shannon Green is in limelight because of the clothes he wears and thus his mother and father are making their children confident not to listen to such people and also not get affected by such people.
  • His mother Megan Fox began acting debut at an age of 15 in the year 2001 in the film “ Holiday In the Sun”
  • Megan met the actor Brian Austin Green in the year 2004 on the set of “ Hope and Faith”, She was 18 years old and they got engaged two years later.
  • In one of the interviews Megan told that Noah is a big fan of fashion and he likes it so much that When he sometimes gets dressed by himself,  he doesn’t want to stop wearing dresses.
  • In one of the photos posted by Megan, Noah is seen in the dress of a Character from the Disney Movie Frozen and thus they are making their child confident from the people who are passing harsh Comments on Noah.

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Noah Shannon Green Family

Noah Shannon Green family

Noah Shannon Green family

Noah was born and raised in the United States together with his two brothers known as Bodhi Ransom Green and Journey River Green. In the fall of 2012, the birth of Noah took place, and then two years later in February 2014, their second son Bodhi Ransom Green was born.

Then they were about to file for divorce but in the year 2016, they got the news of their third son Journey River green in August 2016 and had decided to start everything new and along with this before having a relationship with Megan Brain had a son with Vanessa Marcil and they have a son named Kassius Marcil Green which also lives along with these family of 5 people.

Noah Shannon Green and Bodhi ransom Green

Bodhi ransom Green was born on February 12th in the year 2014 in Los Angeles, California, and is the second son of Actress Megan and actor Brian he looks like the Mini version of Megan Fox and Megan occasionally posts his pictures on Instagram.

Noah Shannon & Bovi Shannon

Noah Shannon Green & Bodhi ransom Green

The name Bodhi was coined by Megan as she follows the Buddhism religion and the word “ Bodhi” signifies enlightenment and which has in relation to Buddhism which has a deeper understanding of the world.

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And thus it has been seen that Bodhi has faced the overwhelming presence of media and unwanted paparazzi and thus affecting the child’s privacy.

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Noah Shannon Green Father

Brian Austin Green is an actor who became famous after he starred in the popular Teen Drama TV series Beverly Hills he was born in California and received his education from North Hollywood High School and he then attended the Hamilton High School Academy of Music in the year 1985.

Noah Shannon Green Father

Noah Shannon Green Father

Austin received his first role in Canterville Ghost and then joined the cast of Kickboxer 2 and many more. Along with acting, he is skilled in playing Drums for one of the tracks of Esthero’s Second Album Wicked Tail Girls.

Before getting acquainted with Megan Fox he dated Vanessa Marcel with whom he fathered a son named Kassius Marcel Green. Then on the sets of “ Hope of Faith” Megan and Brain both fall in love with each other and thus after two years of dating, they got married in the year 2010. In 2012 they welcomed Noah, in 2014 they welcomed Bodhi Ransom Green and in 2015 they were about to file a divorce but they welcomed their third son Journey River green but in 2020 they both got separated.

Social Media: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Speaking of social media presence, he is not active on social networking platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Also, his parents keep their children’s lives private on social media and platforms, while all other social sites claiming to be Noah are fake.


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Thus from this, we came to know that Noah being so small, has figured out what to do in life through his great fashion sense and thus this tells what a talented child he is and despite being trolled by many people on his fashion sense his parents are inculcating in him various values which are helping him get the confidence to face such kind of comments.

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