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Nancy Momoland’s real name is Nancy Jewel McDonie, her Nicknames are Aenaen, Jonaensi, and Spinach. Nancy Momoland is a Singer, Actress and a Dancer by Profession. Nancy Momoland is one of the Most Influential Music Artists of all time. Her group “Momoland” is the Korean Rock Band and is one of the Most Successful Pop Bands of All Time. K-pop has become a Worldwide Phenomenon. The K-Pop Industry is Exploding with Brands and Artists, as well as Young and Old in every part of the World.

K-pop has taken the World by storm and is known to be the Most Popular and Influential Genre in Today’s Society. K-Pop Singers are Famous for their Catchy Beats and Dance Moves that Can’t be Beaten. K-Pop has been a Growing Phenomenon in the Last Decade.

Information is power. Everyone wants to know who is the Cute girl in the Band “Momoland”, if you are looking for this Girl then this is the place for you. This is the Place to find out about the life of Nancy Momoland.

Personal Info

  Real name   Nancy Jewel McDonie
  Known For   As a Model, Social Media Personality, K-   Pop Singer and Part of “Momoland”   Group.
  Date of Birth   13th April 2000
  Schooling   Schooling in America and Graduated   from  Hanlim Multi Art School from South   Korea.




  Age   22 years as in year 2022.
  Birthplace   Chilgok-gun in South Korea.
  Nationality   Korean
  Family   Mother’s name is Lee Myeong-ju and   Father’s name is Richard Jowel McDonie.
  Profession   Singer,Actress,Model
  Height   5 feet 3 Inches
  Weight   48kg
  Eye Color   Black
  Hair Color   Brown
  Life story   Working  Hard to become one of the   greatest singer.
  Networth   $5 Million
  Social Media   2.6 M followers on Instagram.
  Relationship   Subin

Robert James Reid

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Life story

Nancy was having interested in Singing and Dancing since Nancy Jewel McDonie was a Child and thus at age of 11, Nancy Jewel McDonie took part in “Koreas Got Talent” as a Contestant in the Singing Band “Cutie Pies” in the year 2011. And thus due to her Impressive Looks and Singing Style. Nancy Jewel McDonie got many Following and thus released many Hit Albums. Currently, Nancy Jewel McDonie is a Member of Girls Group “Momoland”, “Sunny Girls” and Nancy Jewel McDonie is the Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer of the Group. Thus after gaining  Popularity, their Group got their First Official Debut on 9th November 2017 and became Ambassadors for “The International Relief Development NGO Plan Korea”

Nancy Momoland

Nancy Momoland

Along with this, Nancy Jewel McDonie became Trending because of her Tik Tok Videos. Thus her Group “Momoland” is the First Girl Group and Second to get a Platinum Certification by GAON Music Chart With Over 100M streams for “BBoom BBoom”. Thus Nancy and her Group have Given many Top Hits. Thus they have inspired a lot of Upcoming Talents and are the most talked-about artists in the World. These Idols are Proving that they are More than Just Artists, they are Trendsetters.


Nancy Momoland childhood

Nancy Momoland childhood

Nancy Momoland was born on April 13 in the year 2000 in Chilgok-gun in South Korea. Nancy Jewel McDonie spent her most of life in Ohio, the USA thus Nancy Jewel McDonie did her Schooling in the USA Nancy Jewel McDonie did her graduation from Hanlim Multi Art School in South Korea.

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Nancy Momoland’s father’s name is Richard Jowel McDonie and her Mother’s name is Lee Myeong-Ju. Nancy Jewel McDonie is born to Korean Mother and American Father. Nancy Jewel McDonie also has an older sister named Brenda.

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Nancy Momoland Instagram

On her Instagram account, Nancy has a Massive Fan Following of About 2.6 M followers on Instagram and her Instagram id is nancyjewel_mcdonie and has about 258 Posts on Instagram.

Nancy Momoland Birthday

Nancy Momoland

Nancy Momoland

Nancy Momoland was born on 13th April in the year 2000 in South Korea and thus has spent most of her life in Ohio, USA and thus returned to South Korea to Complete her Education.


There are Rumours that Nancy Momoland is in a relationship with Subin, who is a member of South Korean Boy “Victon” and were seen flirting with each other. But Nancy Jewel McDonie has not confirmed her relationship with the star Subin. There are also rumours that Nancy is in a relationship with Robert James Reid who is a Filipino Australian  Singer, Actor, Dancer, Song Writer, and Model. Nancy had met James during the Promotion of One Film and thus was Seen Together during a Film Promotion.

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Nancy Momoland Real Name

Nancy Momoland’s Real Name is Nancy Jewel McDonie, Nancy is known by the name of her group “Momoland” and thus Nancy Jewel McDonie is known as Nancy Momoland based on the name of her Group as Nancy Jewel McDonie is a Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer of the Group.


  • Chiri Chiri
  • Welcome to Momoland
  • Fun to the World
  • BBoom BBoom
  • I’m So Hot
  • Wonderful Love
  • JJan!Koong!Kwang!
  • Only One You
  • Liza Soberano
  • Uh-gi-yeo-cha
  • BAAM special Dance Video… and Many more



  • Nancy Momoland’s hobbies are Singing and Cooking. And Nancy Jewel McDonie loves foods having Cheese in them.
  • Her favourite Chocolates are Mint Flavoured Chocolates.
  • Nancy’s favourite colour is Burgundy and Blue. And Nancy Jewel McDonie loves to listen to the Songs of Tiger JK, Teddy Park, and Hong Hei Kyung.
  • Nancy’s Favourite actors are  John Cho, Daniel Henney, and Daniel Dae Kim.
  • Her favourite actresses are Nicole Bilderback, Nicole Jung, Sophia Choi.
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Nancy Momoland Religion

Nancy Momoland was born to a Korean mother and American father her Father is of Irish Ancestry and thus Nancy is of Irish Religion and her Parents follow the Catholic Ethnicity.


Nancy Momoland’s Networth is around $5 Million her Income comes Mainly through her Shows and thus charges Millions for her Shows. And on Instagram, Nancy Jewel McDonie has about 2.6M followers and thus gets Money through Instagram too thus her networth becomes about $5 Million.


What is the True Name of Nancy Momoland?

Nancy Momoland’s real Name is Nancy Jewel McDonie, but Nancy Jewel McDonie is Famous for her Name Nancy Momoland because Nancy Jewel McDonie is part of Group “Momoland” and thus is the Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer of the Group

What is Nancy Momoland’s Favourite Food?

Nancy Loves food having Lots of Cheese in it and also Nancy Jewel McDonie can’t live without the Mint Flavoured Chocolate and thus is her favourite food.

Why is so Nancy Momoland so Famous in India?

Nancy gain Popularity when her Videos were seen on Tik Tok and her Indian Fans added many Bollywood songs to her videos and thus liked by everyone, so Nancy Jewel McDonie is famous in India for her Tik Tok Videos Bollywood songs in it.

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Thus K-Pop has become popular among Western Youth, Who might not be Familiar with Korean Culture, But Love Idolization. So we Hope you Enjoyed our blog about Nancy Momoland it’s Wonderful to have a Blog about such type of Great Talent, where you can find all kinds of information about Nancy and songs that Nancy Jewel McDonie has released over the years. We would like for you to have a good time as you are reading our Blog.

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