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mukesh khanna BIO
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Mukesh Khanna is an anomalous Actor who has governed everyone’s heartstrings right from the small childrens to elderly citizens everyone is his addict due to his Television periodical SHAKTIMAAN, during the 90’s period everyone’s Sunday won’t be a Funday without watching SHAKTIMAAN on DOORDARSHAN and therefore this was the sensation of Mukesh Khanna.

mukesh khanna BIO

mukesh khanna BIO

And also he acted in the serial MAHABHARAT, playing the role of BHISHMAPITAMA, he did such fabulous acting that as if we were the real  BHISHMAPITAMA during the era of MAHABHARAT.
Mukesh Khanna wanted to become an ENGINEER, but his two brother’s Jaggi and Ved Khanna own the production house itself and thus he got many opportunities in many films and he Always says that along with the acting an actor should also work on his or her voice as the voice plays an important role and contributes about 7%.

So based upon his voice and fabulous acting he got work in many films like AAKHRI SANGHARSH, ROOHI, YALGAAR, and Many more and then further he opened his own Production house named BHEESHAM INTERNATIONAL  and started the serial SHAKTIMAAN through his own Production House and now let’s look towards his journey right from his birth from this blog.

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Personal Life
Real Name Mukesh Khanna
Date of Birth 19 June 1958 (Thursday)
Age as in 2022 64
Birthplace Mumbai
Hometown Mumbai, India
Nationality Indian
College/University Graduation from Science.

Kanpur college of engineering.

Zodiac sign Gemini
Educational Qualifications • B.Sc.
• Master of Laws
• An acting course from the FTII
Religion Hinduism
Caste Khatri 
Height in centimeters– 185 cm
Eye Colour Black
Hair Colour Salt & Pepper
Profession • Actor

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Famous Role • “Bhishma Pitamah” in B. R. Chopra’s “Mahabharat” (1988)
mukesh-khanna AS BHISHM

mukesh-khanna AS BHISHM

• “Shaktimaan” in the television show “Shaktimaan”

mukesh khanna AS SHAKTIMAAN

mukesh khanna AS SHAKTIMAAN

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Mukesh Khanna was born on 23rd June 1958 in Mumbai, initially, his father was Pakistani and further came to Mumbai where his father started a Dye and Printing Factory.


Mukesh Khanna did his graduation from Science and he had applied to the KANPUR college of engineering but he didn’t get the admission and then his brother JAGGI KHANNA was the head of INDIAN PEOPLE THEATER ASSOCIATION and thus he had advised  Mukesh to pursue law.

After completing his law studies he then didn’t became a lawyer but an actor he was associated with the theatre group when he was studying his law and thus then he joined the FILM INSTITUTE in Pune and his batchmates were NASSIRUDHIN SHAH and SHAKTI KAPOOR.

His bug brother VED KHANNA was a producer and he would have get the work in films easily but he didn’t want to start his career through his brother’s picture.
He received his first picture named KHOONI which was directed by Naren Bedi, but during the shooting death of Naren Bedi took place, and thus this picture was not released for a long time and then after a few years it was released as AAKHRI SANGHARSH.

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His role in the film TALHAAKA as Major Kishan Rao is still immortal in the hearts of people.
There were many controversies on his side that he used to mimic AMITABH BACHCHAN and thus due to this he didn’t got any work for about 2 years.

Mukesh Khanna’S AGE:

His age is 64 years as in 2022.

Mukesh Khanna’S WIFE:

There were rumors that Mukesh has played the role of BHISHMAPITAMA and that’s why he didn’t marry but these were just rumors, and in an interview, he told that he is having a very positive attitude towards MARRIAGE but due to certain private matter he is still unmarried and believes that if there someone for me she will definitely come and if not then its God’s decision.

Mukesh Khanna’S SON:

As Mukesh Khanna is not married due to certain private matters and thus he has no child.


Mukesh Khanna’S whole property is worth Rs 32 Cr and he owns a production house BHEESHMA INTERNATIONAL and he also has a channel on Youtube where he earns so his net worth might be around 20 lakhs.


  • And many more……


Mukesh Khanna’S total property is around 32cr  and he owns a massive and lavish house in Mumbai.

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  • As the SHAKTIMAAN serial was based on the idea that the hero activates his 7 chakras and thus he becames the superhero and due to this many children and youths adopted the way towards mediation and Yoga.
  • The total cost required to run 1 episode was around 2 lakh.
  • And the channel DOORDARSHAN charged about 16 lakh per episode for launching one episode.
  • And the salary of each actor from the serial varied from 15 thousand to 1 lakh per episode.
    And the character of GANGADHAR was taken from Hollywood i.e from JERRY LIOUS.


There is a recent announcement that the movie of SHAKTIMAAN is going to be released and thus on asking Mukesh Khanna he said that the people who will be more happier than me would be those who were kids during the 90s and now they are having their own kids and thus he got a very relief about the launching of the movie and also he added that now still he a bit long from the mission and the best is yet to come. It is rumoured that RANVEER SINGH is going to play the role of SHAKTIMAAN.

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There was a controversy related to Mukesh Khanna that as he did about 10 to 12 movies continuously when he was just a newcomer and in the theatres, Mukesh Khanna’S ad which was famous in the 90s and thus that ad was always seen in the theatres in between any movie and thus once AMITABH BACHCHAN saw that ad and he said that “ YE SALA COPY KARTA HAIN” to Mukesh Khanna and on asking Mukesh Khanna about this he said that HE DON’T COPY ANYONE.


How did Mukesh Khanna got the Role in MAHABHARAT?

When GUFFY PENTEL was doing MAHABHARAT with B.R CHOPRA and thus he was offered the role of DURYODHAN, but as this was the negative role he said no to it, and then he was again offered the role of DRONACHARYA, but when the actor VIRENDRA who was doing the Role of BHISHMAPITAMA, he understood that the serial is going to run for a longer time and thus he dropped the role and thus the ROLE OF BHISHMAPITAMA was given to Mukesh Khanna.


When he started his own production house BHEESHMA INTERNATIONAL, as he was very tired of doing roles in Mustache and thus he decided to launch his own serial. He had got the idea of the serial when he was doing the shooting of the DARD E DIL movie and thus the serial became very famous and right from HOLLYWOOD everyone started praising him. But there were many rumors spreading that small childrens were mimicking the stunts performed by SHAKTIMAAN, and thus Mukesh Khanna filed the complaint against that Agency who were spreading such news, and then there were also a certain fight between Mukesh And DOORDARSHAN CHANNEL HEAD and thus due to such reason the SHAKTIMAAN serial also stopped.

How old was Mukesh Khanna in Shaktimaan?

He was around 40 years old when he did this role.

What is the height of Mukesh Khanna?

His height is 1.88m.

What is Mukesh Khanna doing now?

He has started his acting school and teaches youngsters about acting and also he is has started his own channel on youtube that is BHEESHMA INTERNATIONAL and also he owns his own production house.


Therefore by taking incitement from his life we should noway give up and strive intensively till we reach our target and now lately he has made the notification about the movie SHAKTIMAAN and therefore he said that the goal is still a bit long and the best is yet to come.

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