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Milkha Singh (The Flying Sikh) Career, Net Worth, Death, Children, Family, Biography …


Milkha Singh came into this world on a cold night thatched roof, in the small village of Gobindpura, tahsil Kot Addu Muzzafargarh district, now in Pakistan. As from our sources, we came to know that the exact date or time of his birth was not known to him as for such simple rural communities like them their present mattered the most not the past or the future, just the ebb, and flow of our daily lives. However, as he grew older he realized that it was necessary to have a date of birth and so, for official reasons, it was been recorded as 20 November 1932.

milkha singh wikibio

milkha Singh wiki bio

His father, Sampurn Singh, was a small-time farmer, with a piece of land that provided the family with food and the cattle with fodder.  His mother, Chawali Kaur, was a simple woman, who was devoted to her husband and children. His brothers, Amir, Daulat, and Makhan, and sisters Makhani, Hoondi, and Isher were older than him while Gobind was the youngest. Amir, the eldest among the eight siblings was fifteen years older than him.

Personal Info of Milkha Singh

Real Name Milkha Singh
Nickname The Flying Sikh
Profession Athlete
Eye color Dark brown
Hair color Salt and pepper
Height [approx] In centimeters 177cm
Weight [approx] In Kilograms 69kg
Date of birth 20 November 1929
Place of birth Govindpuri, Muzaffargarh city, Punjab province, British India {now Muzaffargarh district, Pakistan
Education Qualification Studied at a village in Pakistan up to 5th standard




Father- Sampurn Singh
Mother- Chawali Kaur
Siblings- Isher [sister], Makhan Singh [eldest brother], and 12 more
Marriage date The year 1962
Children Son- Jeev Milkha Singh {Golfer} Daughters- Sonia Sanwalka and 2 more
Nationality Indian
Religion Sikhism
Hobbies Playing Golf, Doing Work-outs
Date of Death 18 June 2021
Place of death PGIMER Chandigarh
Age {at the time of death} 91 years
Cause of death COVID-19


Milkha Singh wiki bio-

Milkha Singh early life

Milkha Singh early life

Early life:

Before independence, Gobindpur was just like one big happy family, we’re out of each other’s homes, sharing a meal or enjoying good gossip. The population was predominantly Hindu and Sikh, but they were on very cordial terms with the neighboring Muslim villages. To bring about a compromise between the squabbling political parties, the British had agreed to partition the subcontinent along religious lines, with Muslim majority regions going to Pakistan and Hindus and Sikhs moving to or remaining in India and his father had a stand not to go anywhere and live in their motherland

On 14 August 1947, British India was partitioned into India and Pakistan. Then, at the ‘stroke of the midnight hour’ on 15th August 1947, India became an independent nation. Almost simultaneously, borders were being drawn along the west and the east that would divide the subcontinent. He and his family members were found themselves on the wrong side of the border. People have no longer behaved like human beings, they had become animals. Hindus, Sikhs, and Muslims were brutally massacred, thousands of homes destroyed, mothers lost their husbands and children.

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There was only bloodshed everywhere thus in this fight his father and a few family members were brutally murdered. With his father’s warning ‘Bhaag Milkha Bhaag’ running through his head he fled for his life, sometimes running, sometimes walking to Kot Addu.

It was one of the most terrifying journeys of his life. Therefore he came to India in Delhi where he was staying with the people who had lost their houses and then in Delhi he finds his lost sister and they started living in Delhi. Then further he joined the Indian army and before joining it he got rejected 3 times, as he was hardworking and was having the never give up attitude he got selected from the sports quota.

There he participated in 300m and 400m races during that time he was challenged and thus he won the race and this was the turning point of his career where he started receiving special athletic training where he was trained so hard during the practice sessions he would get so much sweat that about 2 liters or bottle would get filled and during his training, he was not having a pair of shoes he would run barefooted due to which he would also get bloodshed from his foot. This was the hard work and dedication put by him in his game.



With hard work and lots of practice Milkha Singh participated in Olympics in the year 1956 but due to lack of experience he lost the game thus due to losing the game he became disappointed and thus he further increased his practice and focus and in the year 1958, he participated in Asian games and won the Gold medal in 200 m and 400 m race against Abdul Khalid of Pakistan and the player’s, afterward he had participated in 80 matches and had won 77 of the matches.

Milkha Singh Career

Milkha Singh Career

Further, in the year 1960 he participated in Rome Olympics there he played excellently and was in a good form and during the last few seconds he was leading but that time when he moved his neck to see other athletes due to which his speed decreased a bit thus in that fraction of time other 3 athletes bypassed him thus he lost the game in the last fraction of seconds. Thus it was the biggest regret he had in his entire life.

Later in the year 1960, he was invited to Pakistan for a race but it was the best where his mother and father were killed thus due to such bad memories.

He said no then with his meet with Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, he said to Milkha Singh that time is the greatest healer and thus he said yes and went to Pakistan and it was the time for Abdul Khalid to take the revenge of race which took place in the year 1958 but Milkha Singh won the race very easily and during the medal ceremony Ayub Khan- at that time he was the president of Pakistan he said that ‘You didn’t run but filled run from that time.

Milkha Singh was known as the “FLYING SIKHS”


Extra Facts


  • MILKHA SINGH was born in PAKISTAN, in LALPUR village on 8th October.
  • He had seen his father and mother dying during the PARTITION and thus because of which he came to INDIA.
  • He use to visit 20 KM away from his house to school.
  • He came into the limelight when he participated in ODISHA for running in 200m and 400m running and thus he had broken the records and his 200m record was of 21.6 sec and 400m was 45.9sec.
  • In 1951 he joined the training center in SIKANDARABAD and use to run along with TRAINS.
  • He use to join the INDIAN ARMY but was rejected 3 times and after got selected for the 4th time.
  • During the Olympic matches, he missed the golden chance to win a gold medal by looking back to see other players and thus lost the bronze medal by 0.1 sec from MALE SPANISH which he completed the record in 45.4 sec.
  • In 1960, when he was called by PAKISTAN but didn’t go due to his personal problems and thus when NEHRU told him he went and defeated ABDUL KHALID and thus at that time PAKISTANI PRIME MINISTER said that you don’t run, you fly and thus from that time he used to be known as THE FLYING SIKH.
  • He had achieved success during that time when there were no specific training or other special coaches and training to be carried out and thus this was only because of his hard work and determination.
  • He had participated in about 80 races and has won about 77 races.



MILKHA SINGH’S son  JEEV MILKHA SINGH was born on 15th December 1971 and he is one of the most successful GOLFER of our country who is known for his 4 Consecutive Wins on a PGA tour in EUROPE and also a recipient of many national Awards.



By taking inspiration from MILKHA SINGH’S life the biopic of his life story has been released in the year 2013 and thus in this movie, FARHAN AKHTAR has played the role of MILKHA SINGH and thus it was seen that FARHAN AKHTAR has done hard-core training for this role and has taken a lot of efforts to do such realistic acting and it is said that MILKHA SINGH just took RS 1 to tell his life story and about minutes of his life and thus this tells that what a GREAT MAN he was

Net worth:

Milkha Singh’s estimated income was about 3 to 5 million and his net worth was around 2.5 million.



Milkha Singh first met Nirmala Kaur [wife] in 1956 in Colombo. As he was in Ceylon [now Sri Lanka] to participate in another athletic competition, and she was there in her capacity as captain of the Indian women’s volleyball team to play a friendly match against the Ceylonese that was the time he fell in love with her.

milkha singh wife

milkha Singh wife

After the matches, one of the Indian businessmen invited the Indian athletes and Indian sports player that was the time when the both met each other but Milkha Singh was very shy to talk to her but then he made the guts to talk with her then he took her hand and wrote the hotel’s room number on her hand but further also he was not able to take his hand than in the year 1960.

when they both met each other in Delhi’s National Stadium where he was selected as the director of the Sports Club then they took the decision to tie the knot, though there were many complications between their family members regarding their marriage as he was having the NEVER GIVE UP ATTITUDE, they both were happily married to each other.


Milkha Singh Awards

Milkha Singh Awards

Awards Year
Won a Gold at the Asian Games – 200 m. 1958
Won a Gold at the Asian Games – 400 m. 1958
Won a Gold at the  Commonwealth Games – 440 yards. 1958
Honored with Padma Shri in. 1959
• Won a Gold at the Asian Games – 400 m. 1962
• Won a Gold at the Asian Games – 4 x 400 m relay. 1962
• Won a Silver at the Calcutta National Games – 400 m. 1964


He participated in at least 80 International races which he had won 77 and wherever he goes he would break the previous records and establish the new one.

In the year 1958, he was honored with the Padmashri award, and also he further became the director of Punjab’s sports academy after his retirement.

A film has also been made regarding his life struggles in which Farahan Akhtar has played the role of him. And Milkha Singh and his daughter has also written a book in his life named “The Race Of My Life”

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Unfortunately, this Flying Sikh lost his life due to suffering from Covid 19 and due to worsening of his health conditions and also his wife too lost her life. In one of his speeches, he said that after his Rome Olympics not a  single Gold medal has been added to India in the case of athletics so he had great expectations from India’s youngsters that they will get their best and should play for the Gold.

Therefore by taking alleviation from his life one should be determined devoted and should work hard in one order to negotiate our pretensions.

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