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Manjul Khattar
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Manjul Khattar is one of those Famous Tik Tok stars who has proved to the World that Not Only Women but Men’s can even do Lip Syncing. Manjul Khattar showed the Whole World that Tik Tok is not only made for Women but also for Men to showcase their Hidden Talents.  As we Know that Tik Tok is the top and Most Popular Social Media App in the World.

Manjul Khattar

Manjul Khattar

As everyone knows that it is a Social Network where one can Share and Watch Videos. Ever since its inception, it has been wildly Successful and thus has a huge Fan Following and Celebrities. If one wants to Enlist in this Lucrative Industry, then one would research the Ins and Outs of the app. That’s where this Blog Comes in. Here you will get a piece of extensive information about the Tik Tok Star Manjul Khattar and his Life Story. In the World of Social Media, there are a lot of people who are Making a Career out of Themselves with the Help of their Videos. Manjul Khattar is one of those Tik Tok stars who has Broken Bounds with his Videos and thus has Garnered a Huge Fan Base.

Personal Info

  Real name   Manjul Khattar
  Known For   His Tik Tok   Videos and   Album Songs.
  Date of Birth   20th July 1998.
  Schooling   Xion   International   Convent School   and Graduation   from Amity   University,   Harayana.




  Age   24 years as in   year 2022.
  Birthplace      Gurugram,Haryana
  Nationality   Indian
  Family   Mother’s name is Sneha and Father’s   name is Om Khattar.
  Profession   Tik Toker
  Height   5 feet 5 Inches
  Weight   60Kg
  Eye Color   Brown
  Hair Color   Black
  Life story   Working  Hard to become one of the   greatest Bollywood Star.
  Networth   10 to 15cr
  Social Media   2M followers on Instagram.
  Relationship   RitikaBadiani

Aashika Bhatia

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Life story

Earlier Tik Tok was only a Platform for Women and Girls who were getting famous based on Their Good Looks and Lip Syncing Videos. But Manjul made this trend go wrong and was the  First Boy to get Viral on Tik Tok by his Acting and Lip Syncing. He not only got famous for his Handsome Look but also for his Acting Skills. Thus during his Schooling, he use to remain Confused regarding his Career and wanted to do Something Big.

Later after completing his Schooling, he decided to Pursue Acting and Singing as his Career. He then joined Instagram as a Singer and then he started adding Acting Videos on Instagram thus which resulted in an Increase in His Followers.

And Under the Comment Section of One of his Videos, he got the Comment that “You Should Join Tik Tok” and thus at the End of 2017 he took that comment Seriously and Joined Tik Tok thus everyone liked His Videos and thus by seeing the Response he became a Full-Time Tik Toker.

Manjul Khattar Biography

Manjul Khattar Biography

Thus his Career was uplifted and in October 2018 he got his First Album song “Shy Mora Saiyaan”, but his first Famous Song was “Mujhe Kaise Pata Na Chala”. Then his another Famous Song “Yaara” thus he scaled heights by getting several Album Songs through his Hard work. He is also a Gamer and has a Gaming Channel on Youtube which has More than 500K subscribers

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Manjul Khattar Favourites

His Favourite actors are Shahrukh Khan and Ranbir Kapoor and his Favourite actress is Sharddha Kapoor.
He loves Watching Movies and Tom and Jerry Cartoon.
And Like eating Cakes and Pizzas.
His Hobbies are Singing, Playing Football and Doing  Gym.


Manjul was born on 20th July 1998 in Gurugram in Harayana in a Middle-Class Family. He did his Schooling at “Xion International Convent School”.He later did his Graduation from Amity University, Noida in Commerce.


Manjul’s father’s name is Om Prakash Khattar and his Mother’s name is Sneha Khattar, she is a Home Maker. He also has one Brother named Abhijeet Khattar and one sister named Ruchika Khattar.

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Manjul Khattar Age

Manjul was born on 20th July 1998 in Gurugram, Haryana thus his age according to the year 2022 is 24 years.

Manjul Khattar Songs

  • Kyun with Rits Badiani
  • Qadar Na Jaani
  • Yaara With Arishfa Khan
  • Aawara Shaam Hain with Meet Bros
  • Vyah Lai with Anicka
  • Jiske Liye with Shriya Jain
  • Sathiya Tere Bina
  • Suit Sandal with Harpi Gill

Manjul Khattar Girlfriend

Manjul’s first Famous album song was “Mujhe Kaise Pata Na Chala” with his best friend Ritika Badiani this song has crossed about 219M views on Instagram and thus Ritika and Manjul are best Friends and they first met on Instagram thus there were rumours that they both are in a relationship, but later in one Interview, he told that that they aren’t dating and are just good friends.



Manjul was in a relationship with Actress Aashika Bhatia, but they had a Nasty Break up and thus today Manjul is Single and not Dating Anyone.

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Manjul Khattar and Aashika Bhatia

Aashika and Manjul were Considered as Cutest Couple on Tik Tok, But some reasons like Insecurity and Ego between them lead to some Disputes between the Couple and thus resulted in a Nasty Breakup. Disputes between them started when Manjul did his First Album Song “Shy Mora Saiyaan” and his famous song album “Mujhe Kaise Pata Na Chala” with Ritika Badiani” after this song disputes between Aashika and Manjul Started Growing and thus headed to Break Up.

Manjul Khattar and Aashika Bhatia

Manjul Khattar and Aashika Bhatia

The reason behind it was due to his Ego due to growing Stardom thus later they both kept posting Videos and started giving answers through videos. And in one of the posts, Aashika wrote to Manjul that when he was in Need of fame or Stardom “he took my Help but today when he got famous he left me” thus this was Aashika’s point of View towards Manjul still we don’t know what’s the real thing behind it and we can’t blame Anyone without knowing the Other Side.

Manjul Khattar Net Worth

Manjul Charges about 10 to 20 lakhs per Project and his Total Networth is Around 10 to15 Cr. And thus he also gets money from YouTube through his Gaming Channel and also Through Instagram as there are about Followers on His Instagram this is his Networth Becomes 10 to 15 cr.

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Manjul Khattar Instagram

Manjul has about 2M followers on his Instagram account and has posted about 1140 Posts on His Account. His career started through his Instagram Page with just a few Followers later by his hard work and determination he scaled heights and today has 2M followers on his Instagram account.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by MANJUL KHATTAR 🔥 (@manjullll)

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Manjul Khattar Tattoo

Manjul has about 4 tattoos on his body. He has inked his father’s and Mother’s names are Om and Sneh on his left hand and his right-hand he has Inked the Number “1” in Bold. While he also has inked on the Backside of his palm with Some Writings and also on his bicep.


Who is the Gf of Manjul Khattar?

Currently Manjul is Single and was in a Relationship with Aashika Bhatia but had a Breakup. There were rumours that he was in a Relationship with Ritika Badiani, but they are Just Professional Friends they both Confirmed.

What happened to Manjul Khattar?

Manjul was in trouble a year Back when his Chat with a Florence Girl Jessica Vivaldi was Exposed. And thus which he had to face a lot of Troubles. And the Chats were certain Inappropriate and Dirty Chats between them by which Manjul was seen Flirting with Jessica when he was High.

What happened between Aashika and Manjul?

According to the Point of View of Aashika Manjul broke with her because he used Her to gain Stardom and Fame and later Left her after gaining fame and Success.


We Hope you Enjoyed the Blog about the Insights of Tik Tok star Manjul Khattar Regardless of what they are Famous for, we hope we are Provided with Some Interesting and Surprising Information about Manjul Khattar.

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