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Lizzy Caplan

Lizzy Caplan

Lizzy Caplan is one of the most talented actresses who started her Journey by playing Roles in Various Sitcoms. Thus Lizzy Caplan got very Popular in one of her Sitcoms Mean Girls in the year 2004 by playing the role of Janis Ian.

She has been seen in Tina Greer in Smallville (2001-2003), Faith Pitt in The Pitts (2003), Janis Ian in Mean Girls (2004), Avery Bishop in True Calling (2005), Marjee Sorelli in Related (2005-2006) and many more.
Thus to get more Insights about her Life, read the Blog Below.

Personal Info:

  Real name   Elizabeth Anne Caplan
  Known For   Role as Janis Ian in Mean Girls
  Date of Birth   30th June 1982
  Schooling   Alexander Hamilton High School
  Age   40 years as in 2022
  Birthplace   Los Angeles, California
  Nationality   American
  Family   Lizzy Caplan’s Father’s name is Richard Caplan was a Lawyer while her Mother’s    name is Barbara
  Profession   Actress
  Height   5 Feet 6 Inches
  Weight   55kg
  Measurements  34-23-35.
  Eye Color   Grey
  Hair Color   Brown
  Life story   Working to be a Finest Actress
  Networth   $5 Million

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Life story

During her Schooling, she didn’t know what she wanted to Become, but she knew that she wanted to do something different. In the interviews, she told that she wanted to do Something Creative. Thus along with her sister, she went to Hamilton, but she was not interested in Acting so she joined Hamilton to Learn Piano. She practiced Piano for about 10 years, but she never wanted to be a Professional Pianist, that was never her Goal.

Lizzy Caplan Life story

Lizzy Caplan’s Life story

She said that she was not Disciplined at all and thus was the Laziest Piano student there in the School. Then later she Quit Piano and to be in the Magnet of Performing Arts, she took Drama. Thus she also told the Reason Behind Choosing Drama was that she could Fake Better than Anything Else. While she knew that she Can’t Sing or Dance or Play any Instrument so she Chose Drama.

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Lizzy Caplan’s Real name is Elizabeth Anne Caplan. she made her Big Screen Debut with a Small Role in Orange County in the year 2002. And later the turning point of her life was when she went on to Play Janis Ian in the Hit Mean Girls in the year 2004. Before Joining the Acting, she graduated from the Hamilton Academy of Music in Los Angeles.

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Lizzy Caplan Childhood

Lizzy Caplan Childhood

Lizzy Caplan was born on 30th June 1982 in Los Angeles, California. Caplan did her Schooling at Alexander Hamilton High School, where she showed an Interest in Acting and was also Cast in School Plays.


Lizzy Caplan Family

Lizzy Caplan Family

Lizzy Caplan’s Father’s name is Richard Caplan was a Lawyer while her Mother’s name is Barbara was a Political Aide while and a Cousin and Sister of Publicist Howard Bragman. She also has siblings, her sister’s name is Julie Caplan, and one older Brother whose name is Ben Caplan.

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Lizzy Caplan’s Movies and TV shows

Lizzy Caplan Movies

Lizzy Caplan Movies

  • Mean Girls
  • The Last Rites of Ransom Pride.
  • Bachelorette
  • Love is the Drug.
  • Extinction
  • True Blood
  • Masters of Sex
  • Party Down
  • Das Boot
  • ILL Behaviour
  • Now You See Me 2
  • Truth Be Told and many more…

Lizzy Caplan’s Age

Does beauty go by years? Does age factor into a person’s beauty? Does age have any impact on a person’s beauty when it comes to the movie industry? Many people are interested in finding out how old a celebrity is. Some people find it fascinating to know that actors have a different age range when they start and stop playing a role. Thus the age of Lizzy Caplan is 40 years as of the year 2022.

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Lizzy Caplan’s Boyfriend List

Lizzy Caplan and Matthew Perry

Lizzy Caplan and Matthew Perry

Lizzy Caplan and Matthew Perry

In the year 2012, she had a Six Year Long Relationship with Famous Actor Matthew Perry.

Lizzy Caplan and Tom Riley

Lizzy Caplan and Tom Riley

Lizzy Caplan and Tom Riley

Since the year 2015, Lizzy Caplan has been with the British Actor Tom Riley and the Two have been Married for Two years and thus been together for about Five Years. They both got engaged in the year 2016 and they both welcomed their Son In the year 2021.

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Lizzy Caplan in Mean Girls

Lizzy Caplan in Mean Girls

Lizzy Caplan in Mean Girls

Lizzy Caplan’s performance in Mean Girls was no exception. The movie was great. She played the role of Janis Ian in Mean Girls. Janis Ian is notable. The Mean Girls character united with new young lady Cady Heron and Damian Leigh to bring down “those bitches” – The Plastics. For some’s purposes, this made her a legend, opposing the individual and actual properties that were considered to make a girl famous in a western secondary school.
Her sharp jokes, straightforward mentality, and cutting rebounds made her a remarkable Character.

Lizzy Caplan in Freaks and Geeks

Lizzy Caplan in Freaks and geeks

Lizzy Caplan in Freaks and geeks

Lizzy Caplan started her career by playing role in Freaks and Geeks and thus she revealed that it was her terrifying Job. She had a Terrible Experience being on the show. Thus in one of the Interviews, she said that she was very Shy and she didn’t know how to Behave, and thus was a terrible experience for her.

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Lizzy Caplan in Marvel

lizzy caplan in marvel

Lizzy Caplan in marvel

Lizzy Caplan did the role of Claire Weiss in Marvel One-Shot: Item 47. While she was also seen in ‘The Avengers as part of the Duo of Bank Robbers who are Invited to Join S.H.I.E.L.D. Lizzy Caplan was Incredible in the Film.


Who did Lizzy Caplan Play in Marvel?

Lizzy Caplan Played the role of Claire Weiss in Marvel One-Shot: Item 47.

What is Lizzy Caplan Doing Now?

Lizzy Caplan will be seen in her Upcoming American drama streaming television miniseries Fleishman is in trouble created by Taffy Brodesser-Akner based on her 2019 novel of the same name. The series is set to premiere on FX on Hulu on November 17, 2022.

What is the age of Lizzy Caplan?

As Lizzy Caplan was born on 30th June in the year 1982 thus her age according to the year 2022 is 40 years.


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