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Lila Grace Moss Hack
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Lila Grace Moss Hack is a London Based Model who is known as a Model and famous because of her Supermodel mother “Kate Moss” who was one of the Highest paid and Highest earning British models who started her Journey from the biggest brands like Levis and Kelvin Calvin and has been featured in more than 100 Magazines while her daughter started her Modelling Career at a Tender age of 14 years.

Lila Grace Moss Hack

Lila Grace Moss Hack

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Personal Info


Real name   Lila Grace Moss Hack
Known For   Daughter of  Kate Moss
Date of Birth   29th September 2002.
Schooling   Schoolingfrom College from London.




Age   19 years as in year 2022.
Birthplace   England
Nationality   British
Family   His Father’s name is Jefferson Hack and   Mother’s name is Kate Moss.
Profession   Model
Height   168cm and 1.68m
Weight   54
Eye Color   Green
Hair Color   Black
Life story   Working  Hard to be greatest Model.
Networth   $10 Million
Relationship   Not Known

Life story

Lila is the daughter of Supermodel Kate Moss and also a Co-founder of Dazed Media, Jefferson Hack. Kate was in a relationship with Jefferson in the year 1999 and they dated for about 4 years and later announced her pregnancy which resulted in the birth of a Baby Girl named “Lila grace moss hack”. Lila started her Modelling career at the tender age of 14 years and she first received her Modelling Gig at the age of 14 years thus by her dedication and hard work on her self she started getting Work and Collaborations with Many Big Brands.

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Like in the year 2018 she got the opportunity to work with “Marc Jacobs” and also was on the Cover of Several Magazines, she also took part in Miu Miu’s SS20 campaign. Thus she picked up great qualities like her mother and in the year 2021 she did the “Runway at Paris Fashion Week”. She never let her diseased condition come in between her career, as she has Type 1 Diabetes and she openly shared her Diseased Condition in Met Gala 2022 wearing an Insulin Monitor Pump alongside her Mother In Met Gala. As she needs the Pump to monitor her Sugar Levels. Thus this was her Journey from a Simple Child to a Runway Model.

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Lila Grace moss hack was born on 29th September 2002 in England and was born and brought up in England and did her Schooling and graduation from England.

Lila Grace Moss Hack Age

How old was Lila when she became famous? Find out the age at which your Favourite Model Lila started her career and what is her age currently. Thus she was just 14 years of age when she got her first Modelling contract and according to the year 2022, her age is 19 years.

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Lila Grace Moss Hack Height

Have you ever wondered how tall Models in Hollywood are? Their height is either due to Heredity or they might be taking certain supplements to increase their height thus Lila’s height in Centimeters is 168cm and 1.68 meters.



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She has a Fan Following of about 393K followers on Instagram which is according to the year 2022 and her Instagram id is lilamoss.

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Lila Grace Moss Hack Father

Lila’s mother Supermodel Kate Moss was in a relationship with many people like Mario Sorrenti who is a World Renowned Photographer from the 1990s Johnny Deep and Lila dated from 1994 to 1997. At that time Kate had become the Biggest Supermodel who had graced more covers of the British Magazine than anyone else in History.

Then she was in a relationship with Antony Langdon, Evan Dando, Billy Zane, Dan Macmillan, Daniel Craig, Pete Doherty, Jamie Dornan, and many more but after her relationship broke with Johnny Deep she was in a relationship with Jefferson Hack who is Editorial Director and thus they tied the knot and later in 2002 they both Welcomed “Lila”.

Lila Grace Moss Hack Diabetes

Model Lila Grace Moss wears a creation for Fendi’s Spring-Summer 2021 Haute Couture fashion collection presented Wednesday, Jan.27, 2021 in Paris. (AP Photo/Francois Mori)

In one of the Interviews, Lila said that “I think not many people know that I have Diabetes. It’s not visible from the outside, so no one would know just by looking at you. I have Type 1 Diabetes”. Thus during the Special Fendi and Versace Collab show at Milan Fashion Week. She displayed a device on her left thigh and during Pendacy Runway she again displayed the Device on her left arm. Thus she did normalize Diabetic Care for everyone.

Lila Grace Moss Hack Net Worth

Lila’s net worth is around $10 Million and her major Source of Income is through Modelling Contracts she charges about a Few Million through Brand Collaborations and Brand Endorsements and this net worth is according to the year 2022 and thus she is working hard to become just like her mother Kate Moss who was the Highest paid and Highest earning Supermodel.

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Lila was born to the most Iconic Supermodel Kate Moss who was born on January 16 in the year 1974 in London. She discovered her love for Modelling at the tender age of 14 and thus worked hard to become a Successful Supermodel. She started her career with the campaign with the biggest brands like “Calvin Kelvin” and “Levis”. She made an Incredible Impact on the Fashion Culture. She has worked With every fashion label like Chanel, Dior, Gucci, Burberry, and even more. She has been featured in hundreds of Cover Magazines. She is the top highest earning British Model and also the third highest paid Model.

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While Lila’s father Jefferson is an Editorial Director, Publisher, and Creative Director who heads up in Independent Media Business while his magazines involve “Another Man”, “The Youth Culture” and Fashion Newspaper and along with this he also runs a website named anothermag.com, daysdigital.com” and daysbeauty.com as well as a Video Channel.

Lila Grace Moss Hack Insulin Pump

Lila made a Bold Statement on the Runway which had nothing to do with her Clothes and thus was praised for wearing an Insulin Pump during a Special Fendi and Versace Collab show at Milan Fashion Week. She displayed a device on her left thigh along with a Swimming Suit and a Matching Jacket.

Thus she tried to showcase that everyone should normalize Diabetes Care. And this was not the first time she was hitting an Insulin Monitor but she had also put on the Insulin Monitor Pump on her hand during the “Pendacy Runway” and she did to Normalize Diabetes care for everyone.

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What does Lila Moss have on her arm?

Lila Moss has been diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes and thus to normalize Diabetic Care for everyone and thus she puts on an Insulin Monitor Pump on her arm during any Runway.

What Condition does Lila Moss has?

She has Diabetes of Type 1 and thus to check her Blood Sugar Levels she puts on an Insulin Monitor Pump on her Arm.

How old was Kate Moss when Lila was born?

Kate Moss was in a relationship with Jefferson and thus in the year 2002, Lila Moss was born when Kate Moss was 28 years old.


Thus this was all about Lila Moss and thus is striving to be the greatest Supermodel. Hope you enjoyed our blog.

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