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Kim Seok-jin is one of the most popular members of the BTS army despite being from a Filthy Rich Family, Kim seok-jin choose to struggle along with the BTS army and struggled along with them and finally scaled heights through his Song Writing, singing, and Co-Producing Many hit Songs.

Thus Jin bought his first residential property in July 2018 for 1.87 Billion in Hannam Hill. In the beginning, BTS was struggling financially and don’t have much money for resources. So Jin use to spend his Pocket Money to buy Food for the Members, Drive them to school, and often use to steal Utensils from his Home to cook for them. And thus during his training days, he gave up the luxurious lifestyle and left his home.

During his struggling days, he slept with his BTS team in one small room and went through tough times without Money, And also even no Food.
He did many Albums like Love Yourself: Tear, Wings, Dark and Wild, Face Yourself, Wake up, Youth, Map of the Soul: Persona, Love Yourself: Answer, The Most Beautiful Moment in Life Part 1, Love Yourself: Her, Skool Luv Affair, The Most Beautiful Moment in Life: Forever, The best of Bodan Shonendan and many more hit Songs.  Thus he doesn’t matter what his Financial status or his Parents were he scaled greater heights like the rest of them despite being from a Filthy Rich Family.


Personal Info

  Real name   Kim seok-jin
  Known For   One of the Popular Singer, Song Writer from BTS   Army.
  Date of Birth   4th December 1992.
  Schooling   Schooling in Bosung High School and graduated   from Konkuk University.




  Age   30years as in year 2022.
  Birthplace   Gwacheon , South Korea.
  Nationality   Korean
  Family   His Father’s name is Kim Nam Jung and brother’s   name is Kim seok-joong.
  Profession   Singer, Songwriter, Producer.
  Height   5 feet 10 inches
  Weight   63kg
  Eye Color   Black
  Hair Color   Brown
  Life story   Working  Hard to become one of the  greatest   Singer.
  Networth   $18M
  Social Media   37.8M followers on Instagram.
  Relationship   Lee Gukju

Anne Hathaway

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Life story

Kim Seok-jin is a Singer, Song Writer, and member of one of the most loved and Popular K-Pop bands “BTS”. Since childhood, he has been close to his mother. Thus during his Childhood, he had decided that he would like to become like his father and would join a Company but as he grew up his face started to become like an actor and thus many people started suggesting that he should be an Actor. As he was interested in Acting he decided to pursue his career in Acting.

Kim Seok-jin

Kim Seok-jin

While he was in College one of the South Korean Entertainment agencies “SM Entertainment” offered him a Role, but he thought that it was a Scam and thus rejected it. Then later he joined the Acting Classes and kept on doing the classes one day based on his looks he got an offer from “Big Hit Entertainment” and at that time he was attending acting Classes and was not having any knowledge about Singing.

But he liked accepting new challenges and thus accepted the offer and became a Trainee and did training in Singing and performing on Stage. On 12th June 2013, he did his debut with “BTS” and also did a Single Album “Too Cool For School” which also became a hit, and thus than later he released many hit Solo tracks, and also Co-Produce some of the Songs. Thus he gave many hit songs and started climbing the ladder of success step by step and gained a huge Fan Following.

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His father’s name is Kim Nam Jung who is CEO of a company that supplies to Samsung and has Basecamp in Germany and also Vice President of Dongwon Industries. And he also has a brother who is an architect named Kim Seok Joong who handles his father’s Company recently he posted about being blessed with a baby boy in March 2022 and Jin’s mother is a Homemaker.


Kim Seok-jin childhood

Kim Seok-jin childhood

Kim Seok-jin was born on 4th December 1992 in Gwacheon, South Korea. He did his Schooling at “Bosung High School” and later did his Graduation from “Konkuk University”.

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Kim Seok-jin Wife

Kim Seok-jin's girlfriend

Kim Seok-jin’s girlfriend

In the year 2015, there were rumors that he has been dating a Comedian “Lee Gukju”, and those rumors became a reality when Kim Seok-jin Publicly Joked that Lee Gukju was dating a Handsome Idol Trainee and then later it became Confirmed that they are close. But still, there is no Confirmation from him. Along with this, he had also confirmed that he has a Crush on Anne Hathaway but currently is Enjoying his Single life.


Kim Seok-jin was born on 4th December 1992 in Gwacheon, South Korea. So his age according to the year 2022 is 30 years old.

Kim seok-jin Birthday

Kim Seok-jin was born on 4th December 1992 in Gwacheon, South Korea. Thus he celebrates his birthday along with his BTS members and they have been together from Rags to Riches.

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View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Jin of BTS (@jin)

He has a Massive Fan Following of about 37.8M followers on Instagram and thus his Instagram ID is jin and has written “Jin of BTS” in his Instagram Bio and has posted about 62 posts.

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Kim Seok-jin Height

His Height is about 5 Feet 10 Inches and about 1.77 meters and 177 Centimeters.


His net worth is around 18 Million Dollars and thus his major source of income is from his shows which he Charges about a few Million and other income is through his Brand Endorsements and his Song Writing and Producing Credits thus this total networth becomes about $18 Million.

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What Is Jin’s role in BTS?

He joined BTS in the year 2013 and thus he is a Singer, Song Writer, and Record Producer under the Big Hit Entertainment he has co Produced several Songs and has also given many hit songs.

What is Jin’s father’s Job?

Jin’s Father is a Wealthy Businessman who is CEO of a company that supplies to Samsung and has Basecamp in Germany and also Vice President of Dongwon Industries.

In which Country Jin is Most Popular?

Jin is not Popular in Specific countries instead he is popular all over the World and thus has gained popularity due to his hard work and moving from his Wealthy family and living life along with BTS members without Food and facing Struggles he has scaled the heights of success.

What was Jin Originally Studying?

Before joining BTS he graduated from Konkuk University and graduated from Film Studies and later joined acting classes and then joined Big Hit Entertainment where he was a Trainee and learned Music.


This was all about Kim Seok-jin, thank you for taking the time to read our blog post. We hope you enjoyed our blog by reading the amazing things that are happening with BTS  member Kim Seok-jin.

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