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Kerstin Emhoff is popularly known as an Entrepreneur as she is the CEO and Co-founder of the Company named PreetyBird which is and also the CEO of Ventureland which is a creative studio that partners with Filmmakers to create highly valuable documentaries and content.

She is also one of the members of the Advisory Board of Evolve Entertainment Fund which is the Entertainment and Non-Profit Organization which is dedicated to building a platform for young aspiring students who want to pursue their careers in Acting, films and showcase their skills and also involves certain Paid Internships and certain workshops to remold them.

Kerstin Emhoff

Kerstin Emhoff

Along with this, she is also the founder of “ Pipelines” a nonprofit organization that is involved in providing a platform for people who are interested to work in Film or Tech related Industries and thus increasing their opportunities and has also launched their mobile app for the people who are in need to work in Entertainment or Tech industry.

Thus she has been working for the welfare of people and to Serve Humanity thus her work is Noteworthy. She also serves on the Board of Directors of the Association of Independent Commercial Producers for Ten years and is AICP president for the Western United States. Thus we will look at her journey of how she became so multitalented through this Blog.


Personal Info

Real Name

Kerstin Emhoff


Known For
As a Ex-wife of Douglas who is the husband of US vice-presidential candidate Kamala Harris and the founder of Various Production Companies.

Date of Birth
18th March 1967

Bachelor’s degree in Film at Boston University.

55 years as in 2022.

Minnesota, Minneapolis, US.


Ex Husband’s name is Douglas Emhoff and their children’s name is Ella and Cole.


5 feet and 4 inches and 1.54 meters and 154 In centimeters


Eye Color
Dark Brown

Hair Color

Life story
Struggled a lot to become such a great Entrepreneur.

$5 Million.

Social Media
14.6K followers on Instagram.

Willie Brown
Douglas Emhoff



Kerstin was born on 18th March 1967 and Brought up in Minneapolis, Minnesota during her Childhood, she wanted to become a Ballerina and thus completed her primary and Secondary School in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
In her career building age she later did her graduation in Film from Boston University and thus later went to Los Angles to pursue her career.

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Life story

Kerstin Emhoff is an American Film producer and Founder and CEO of the production Company Pretty Bird. After Film School she moved to Ls Angles where she got a job at a small Production Company and immediately went into the world of Short Films by 2002 she was the principal at HSI productions, HSI Creatives and at that time it included Paul Hunter, Hype Williams, and Diane Martell.

Kerstin Emhoff

Kerstin Emhoff

In the year 2007 Kerstin Emhoff and Director Paul Hunter left HSI to co-found the production Company Pretty Bird and thus later Kerstin became the Pretty Birds’ President. Later Under her Leadership, the Company’s Film won the Most renowned awards like ‘ Grammy Awards’, ‘Emmy Awards’ and “Con Lyons” while she won a News and Documentary Emmy Award in 2012.

Later she became the Executive Producer of “ Man Hunt- The Search of Bin Laden” which won the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Documentary or Non-Fiction Special. She has also produced Emmy Award-Winning the Tillman Story as well as the Final Year on Barack Obama’s Last year in Office and Legion of Brother.


Kerstin Emhoff's family

Kerstin Emhoff’s family

Kristen and Douglas have two children named Cole and Ella and thus they share a special bond with their mom and also with their Step Mother Kamala Harris and they share a Wonderful Relationship. As photos along with Harris are seen on Instagram.

Ella Emhoff

Ella Emhoff

Cole is working as an Assistant at William Morris Endeavor. While Ella is Studying as a Freshman at Parsons School of Design.

Kerstin Emhoff Networth

Kerstin Emhoff’s net worth is around $5 Million and thus there are things like, she is a Film Producer and also along with this she earns from her Instagram and Twitter account and she is also the CEO of Preetybird, Ventureland, and Pipelines and thus she earns a massive amount of money from these no of assets and thus her estimated net worth becomes about $5 Million.

Kerstin Emhoff Husband

Kerstin Emhoff was married to Douglas Emhoff for about 16 long years but later they had a Divorce in the year 2008. They married in the year 1992, thus before marrying Douglas she was in a relationship with Willie Brown while working as a County Deputy District Attorney in the 90s. And they were in love with each other deeply but due to certain disputes between them, they broke up, and thus their relationship didn’t last for a Longer Time. They broke up Before Willie Brown became the Mayor of San Francisco.

Douglas Emhoff

Douglas Emhoff

Later she began dating Douglas and thus they were married for a Long time together they have Kids named Cole and Ella Emhoff but in the year 2008, they had a Nasty Split and thus filed for Divorce and thus decided to Co-Parent their kids Cole and Ella. Kristen has a Close relationship with Her kids and is thus seen sharing photos on Instagram along with Cole and Ella.

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And thus now it has become a Decade since they had a split and they are happy together as Friends. As she took to Instagram to wish her ex Husband on his Birthday and has always seen following him as a friend since their Shocking Divorce. And have remained on good terms for all these years Actively Participating in their Children’s Lives Together.  And the reason for her Divorce from Douglas is unknown and thus their decision to Split was mutual and to remain Friends for Lifetime.

Douglas’s current wife is Kamala Harris, she is the Vice President of America and thus shares a Warm relationship with Kerstin. Kerstin offers shares tweets in Support of Harris and Kerstin revealed that they are big Modern Family and they are managing it Quiet Well.


Kerstin has about 14.6K followers on Instagram thus her Instagram ID is kemhoff one can see her profile by directly clicking on the link below:


Kerstin Emhoff has an account on Twitter as @keprettybird and thus she has a massive fan following of about 22.2K followers on Twitter and thus one can see her Twitter account by clicking the link below:

Kerstin Emhoff At Inauguration

Doug Emhoff is the High Powered Attorney husband of Vice President Kamala Harris. As Kamala married Doug in the year 2014. As Ella is a Textile Design student at Parsons in New York and thus caught the attention of Internet denizens and thus has gained a lot of attention on her Instagram Page. And thus during the Inauguration Ella was interviewed and was asked if she would design Her outfit for the event.

Thus Ella Emhoff’s Chic Jacket set the Internet on Fire on this Historic Day. Her attire was the Coat Embellished, Strong Shouldered, accented by Embroidered, Floppy Collar. She completed the look with Black Gloves, High Cut Boots, and a Headband, and thus Twitter exploded praising the Young Fashionista’s Wardrobe choice.

Kerstin Emhoff PreetyBird

It is the Production Company with a bunch of Creative Directors, And Collaborators who are engaged in generating a Valuable and Inspiring Content and is one of the Prestigious Production companies in Story Telling thus Kerstin is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Producer of PreetyBird.

Kerstin Emhoff PreetyBird

Kerstin Emhoff PreetyBird

And thus through this Production House its Film has won Several Awards like “ Cannes Grand Prix, AICPs, MTV’s Video of the Year, Grammy and Emmy Awards, Cilos, D and Ads. And all other companies like Ventureland,  Pipelines are interconnected with each other and thus is the Diversification of  PreetyBird.

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Below are the Films which are under the PreetyBird Production House:

1.       The Tillman Story- Executive Producer.
2.       Manhunt- The Search for Bin Laden- Executive Producer.
3.       Pretty Hurts- Executive Producer.
4.       We Are the Giant- Executive Producer.
5.       We are X- Executive Producer.
6.       The Final Year- Executive Producer and Many More.

Extra facts

  • Krestin Emhoff is an Entrepreneur who is the CEO and Founder of PreetyBird, Ventureland, and Pipelines and also a Film Producer she is popularly known as the ex-wife of the husband of The US vice president Kamla Harris.
  • Krestin and her ex Husband Douglas had a long-time relationship with each other but later they filed for divorce and thus they are co-parenting their kids and had a Divorce with mutual Understanding.
  • Douglas and Kerstin had two children named Ella and Cole,  while Cole is working as an Assistant at William Morris Endeavor. While Ella is Studying as a Freshman at Parsons School of Design.
  • While Kerstin and her both children share a great bond with their step Mother Kamala Harris and thus the whole family was present during the Inauguration and thus the whole family supports each other’s happenings of each one’s lives.


How Old is Kerstin Emhoff?

Kerstin Emhoff was born on 18th March 1967 in the United States thus her age according to the year 2022 is about 55 years.

When did Kerstin Emhoff got married?

Kerstin Emhoff was married to Douglas in the year 1992 but later they both filed for Divorce in the year 2008 after their long time relationship with each other they decided to Co-parent their students.

What is the Networth of Kerstin Emhoff?

Kerstin Emhoff's Networth is around $5 Million and thus her main source of income is from her Production House PreetyBird and other Diverse businesses like Ventureland, Pipelines, and through her Instagram and Twitter account.

Who is Ella Emhoff’s mother?

Ella Emhoff’s mother's name is Kerstin Emhoff who is popularly known as The ex-wife of Douglas is the husband of United States Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris also she is the entrepreneur as she is CEO and Co-founder of Production Company PreetyBird, Ventureland, Pipelines and many more.

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Thus this was all about Kerstin Emhoff and her life Journey,  thus by taking inspiration from her life one must believe and oneself and should do what one’s heart wishes to do and should follow one’s heart and to hard work and stay focused till we achieve the goal.

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