Joseph Baena (Arnold Schwarzenegger Son) Wiki – Height, Age, Movies, Net Worth, Mom, Bodybuilding, Girlfriend

Joseph Baena (Arnold Schwarzenegger Son) Wiki
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Joseph Baena is a famous American Television actor, Social Media personality and also Social Media influencer, Bodybuilder, and entrepreneur from Los Angeles, California and is best known in the country as the Son of Arnold  Schwarzenegger like his dad joseph also gained a huge fan following in Bodybuilding and thus apart from doing bodybuilding he is also a realtor and works as a real estate agent at area properties since April  2021.

Joseph Baena (Arnold Schwarzenegger Son) Wiki

Joseph Baena (Arnold Schwarzenegger Son) Wiki

Thus Joseph Baena choose to move forward in his father’s footsteps and thus despite having suffered from so many things like getting found out by the media regarding his father and thus he absorbed all the criticism by people and thus today has created a great name in terms of his acting, Bodybuilding and as a relator and thus trying hard to achieve more just like his Father Arnold Schwarzenegger.


Personal Info

  Real Name   Joseph Baena
  Date of birth   2nd October 1997
  Birthplace   Los Angeles, California, United States
  Age (as in 2022)   25 years as of 2022.
  Childhood   Born on the 2nd of October in the year 1997 in the United States.
  School   He completed his Schooling and High School frontier at the School of Los Angeles
  College   The University of Pepperdine graduated with a BBA.
  Qualification   Graduate
  Nationality   American
  Profession   Actor, Television Personality.
  Girlfriend   Nicky Dodaj
  Family   His father’s name is Arnold, his real biological mother’s name is Mildred, and his other stepmother is Maria Shriver while the name of his half-siblings is Christina, Catherine,  Patrick, and Christopher.
  Siblings   Christina, Patrick, Christopher, Catherine.
  Religion   Christian
  Zodiac Sign   Libra
  Height   In feet – 5’11”

In centimeters – 179 cm

  Weight   86 kg
  Eye Color   Brown
  Hair Color   Dark Brown
  Movies   Done many movies but famous for Terminator 2 remake.
  Networth   400 to 500 Million Dollars.
  Instagram   360K followers on Instagram.



Joseph Baena was born on October 2 in the year 1997 in Los Angeles, California, he took birth in a Christian family. He completed his Schooling and High School frontier from the School of Los Angeles and thus then he took admitted to Pepperdine University and did his graduation from this university with Bachelor in Business Administration.

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Joseph Baena Age

Joseph Baena was born in the year 1997 on the 2nd of October Thus his age according to the year 2022 is 25 years.

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Life story

After completing his graduation in BBA, Joseph Baena also turned to Bodybuilding, and Real estate and also is busy applying to MBA schools too. A few days ago Joseph took to Instagram to announce that he has sold the home after becoming the Real Estate Agent last year, he had posted the image Holding a Sign of “Sold” on his Instagram and had written congratulations to his Clients for choosing him. Also along with this he has graced the March 2022 cover of Men’s Health Magazine and said that it is rush after rush which is doing firstly job after job, selling homes, doing Bodybuilding, doing movies, and all and thus had said that he loves being busy.

And also had cried when he first saw, getting featured in the Men’s Health Magazine and calls himself a fitness enthusiast and had also followed people who use to be on the cover of these magazines and also his Dad and thus taking inspiration from such things he decided and worked hard for it and inspire other people to have a healthy lifestyle and diet.

Joseph Baena’s friends had started the GO campaign and thus had visited to support his friends and he thinks that it is a good charity, good type of organization and was there to get enlighten and feels that environment is what he feels strongly about and also green energy and protecting the environment and thinks that all we need is to protect our world and treat it little better and is planning to go for MBA and one of the greatest goals of his is to be an Actor and also In Bodybuilding and thus is working hard to get proficient possibly in all fields.


Joseph Baena’s father’s name is Arnold, his real biological mother’s name is Mildred, and his other stepmother is Maria Shriver while the name of his half-siblings is Christina, Catherine,  Patrick, and Christopher.

Joseph Baena Mom

In 1986 Arnold got married to Maria Shriver and they had four children which are Catherine, Christina and Son’s Patrick, and Christopher but in 2011 a huge secret got revealed between Arnold and his Housekeeper, they had an affair in the 90s and went to have the child together, Mildred Bahina had worked for the family for two Until she retired at the start of 2011.

joseph baena mother

joseph baena mother

And Mildred was pregnant when Maria was expecting her fourth child of Arnold. Son on the 2nd of October 1997 Mildred welcomed Joseph Baena into the world. And Arnold didn’t even know that the child Joseph was his child until he was eight years old and had started exhibiting features similar to his father’s that then prompted him that he is his child.

Thus then Arnold apologized for his actions and he also revealed that as soon as it was found that Joseph is his Son he took financial responsibility for the child that continued to provide thus Joseph in one interview said that we both hang out together and he is a Great Father.

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Joseph Baena Girlfriend



Joseph Baena is in a relationship with Nicky Dodaj, who is the creative director of “ Malibu Juice Club” an athletic leisure brand that has been launched, they together had completed their education at Pepperdine University and they are seen to be in a relationship from a long time and Joseph had got in acting a few years back and Nicky has a lot of experience in Financial Internship and Job in Hospitality Industry and is keen Instagram user to post photos of her Business Ventures and family and friends.

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In one of their photos, they were seen taking a romantic walk on the streets of West Hollywood and was having big smiles on their face while walking with her. They started dating when they both Met at the University of Pepperdine and graduated in the year 2019, she hails from Atlantic Beach and is also an Avid Habitat for Humanity Volunteer and they have been in a relationship since 2019 and also were spotted leaving LA hotspot Bootsy Bellows while holding hands on June 21.

Joseph Baena  Movies

Joseph Baena is also a famous TV personality and has appeared in various TV programs and made his first TV appearance in the year 2016 with the Short Video Terminator  2 remake.

1.       Terminator 2 Bad to the Bone: The Terminator- 2016

2.       Encounters Tarrick.

3.       Lava Alex

4.       Push Comes to Shovel Push

5.       Actor- Off the Grid Nico( 2021)

6.       Archive Footage.

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Joseph Baena Siblings

In 1986 Arnold married his now EX wife Maria Shriver and the couple has four children which include  Christina, Catherine, Christopher,  Patrick, and things had been great for the couple till  2011 but later Arnold had a secret child with his home caretaker and thus Joseph is the secret child of his father.

They don’t have a relationship with Joseph Baena but Joseph wanted to have a relationship with all his siblings. Patrick is an actor and has appeared in productions such as “Dear Eleanor” and “ Scout Guide to Zombie” Midnight Sun” and “ Moxie”. Catherine had given a classy reply on Instagram when it was said that she excludes Joseph Baena she had said that she loves him too and there is no Bad Blood between them.


Joseph Baena has a fan following of about 360K followers on Instagram and has posted about 184 posts, his Id is Projoe 2 thus you can see it by clicking the link below:


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Joseph Baena (@projoe2)

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Joseph Baena Height

Joseph Baena’s height is 6”1’ in inches and feet, while 186cm approx in Centimeters.

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Joseph Baena Networth

Joseph Baena earns a lot from his multiple professions and his Networth is around 400 to 500 Million Dollars this also includes his dad’s assets and also earns a lot from the Real Estate business and also through his Movies he charges about 100 Million Dollars and he had also gained a massive amount from his Bodybuilding.

 Joseph Baena Bodybuilding

Joseph Baena started focusing on his body-building career at a very young age and has also participated in various bodybuilding competitions and also shares his iconic bodybuilding photos on his Instagram. In one of his videos Joseph has told about his Bodybuilding journey, he said that his Father Arnold has inspired him he has created the ideal physique for most people and when he was younger his father gave him “ Bodybuilding Encyclopedia” and would say that did you read it in the Encyclopedia,  then Joseph would go back and read it.

He had told his workout routine which involves the ‘ Incline Dumbell Press”, then he does the “ Lat Pull Down” then “ Chest Press” “ Cable Row” and many more and does about 4 sets of 13 to 14 reps and he trains for about 6 days in a week and the rest of the days he does cardio and goes on a hike and thus he calls it as Active Rest days.

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Why did Joseph Baena change his last name?

In of the interviews, he told that “ My dad believes that Hard work Pays off and so do I. Love the word Honor and I am very prideful in the sense that if I use my dad’s contacts or ask him for favors, I wonder what Honor is that gonna bring me” and that’s why he doesn’t use his father’s last name.

When did Joseph Baena find out Arnold was his dad?

Joseph said that “ I was in 8th grade and I get called out of the class to leave and my mom’s there and she is like, We gotta go everyone is finding out about you and who your father is” and thus he began to resemble like Arnold and thus he came to know when he was in eighth grade.

Does Joseph Baena have a relationship with his Siblings?

Yes, Joseph Baena has a good relationship with his siblings as it was seen that he had liked the photo of his sister and thus this is a sign that there is no bad blood between them.


Thus by taking inspiration from Joseph’s life that One must Do hard work and it finally Pays off” thus for him his dad Arnold is the greatest inspiration and not just for him but the whole world and thus he also likes to be busy always in a similar manner one should be always busy in some of the other tasks and thus should do all the work with dedication and hard work.

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