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Isla Johnston is a British actress who was seen in Netflix TV series like Life After Life, Invasion, Unmourned, and The Queen’s Gambit. Isla is known for her role as Ursula B in the series Life After Life, then again in the movie Invasion, she had played the role of Lucy Spencer which was released in the year 2021.

She is popularly known for her Series The Queen’s Gambit in which she has fabulously played the role of Young Beth which was released in the year 2020 which was the hit  Series and was praised for her work, as being still a child actress she has achieved a lot by her hard work and determination.

isla johnston

isla johnston


Isla has also done work in the movie National Treasure which was released in the year 2018, in which she had played the role of Fiona which was also Praiseworthy, and was also in the film doctors which is based on the daily lives of staff at Birmingham medical Practices, including their dramatic involvements with their patients.

Thus being a very early age Isla has achieved much more and thus is always being praised for her work in Queen’s Gambit and thus we will look towards her personal life and much more about personal information related to Isla Johnston.

Personal Info

 Real Name   Isla Johnston
 Nick Name   Isla
 Date of birth   born in 2007
 Age (as in 2022)   15 years
 Hometown   Cambridgeshire in England, United Kingdom
 Nationality   British
 School   Not Known
 Profession   British Actress
 Childhood   Born in the year 2007 in England, UK.
 Family   She hasn’t revealed about her family.
 Religion   Christian
 Lifestory   Worked in Many Movies and series by hard work and determination
 Height   In feet – 5’0″

In centimeters – 152 cm

 Weight   52 kg
 Eye Color   Green
 Hair Color   Blonde
 Movies and TV Shows   Queen’s Gambit
Life After Life
Ray James
National Treasure Kiri
 Networth   $500 thousand to $11 million.

Isla Johnston Birthday



Isla is a British actress who was born in the year 2007, but her exact birthdate is not known and was born in Cambridgeshire l, England, in the United Kingdom, and is of 15 years as in the year 2022.


Isla Johnston’s height is 5’0” in feet and inches, while 1.52m in meters.


Isla Johnston was born in the year 2007 and she is from Cambridgeshire in England in the United Kingdom and as she was born in the year 2007 her age would be 15 years old as in the year 2022 and thus she might be a secondary school which is 9th grade thus she has not revealed her information related to her schooling.

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Isla Johnston’s life Story

Isla did her first entry into the Hollywood industry by her movie in the year 2018 by the series National Treasure: Kiri in which she had played the role of Fiona which was based on the dealing with and murder of a young girl, which is further adopted by her foster family and involves the triangle of lies, blame, guilt and many more.

In the year 2019 she did the TV series Doctors which involves the staff of medical doctors dealing with patients further, in the year and finally in the year 2020, she became popular for the series Queen’s Gambit in which she had played the role of Young Beth who discovers and masters the game of chase in 1960s USA and thus her performance was noteworthy in Queen’s Gambit.



In the year 2020 she was seen in the series on Apple TV which was Invasion and thus the story was based on the story that Earth is visited by an alien species that affects the existence of humans on earth and the story is revealed by the 5 ordinary people who had experienced that situation.
Thus in this way she has worked only in a few TV series and Movies but still she is recognized and reached to such scale by her hard work and determination.

Isla Johnston Networth

Isla Johnston has worked in TV series and Films but she has not revealed anything related to her net worth still, she might be involved in Brand Endorsements, collaborations, and things other than doing films and TV series, and as she is a child Actress she hasn’t revealed anything about it and thus from doing films her income is  $500 thousand and her income from brand Endorsement and collaborations the income is around 200$ thousand and thus her net worth is around $500 thousand to $1 1 Million.

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Isla hasn’t made anything official about her relationship as she is just 15 years old and, she is too young to be involved in such relationships and thus she would be having a lot of friends but is too immature to understand such things like Relationships and thus she has also not revealed any private information about her relationship status.

Isla Johnston and Anya Taylor- Joy

In the Netflix Series, Isla Johnston has played the role of a young Beth Harmon, which is the older Anya Taylor- Joy. As Queen’s Gambit begins with Young Beth which is Isla Johnston who grows up in an orphanage. Anya Taylor- Joy is known for the Main performance as Beth and thus Isla has played the role convincingly until she is replaced by Anya Taylor- Joy.

Anya Taylor- Joy is a Model and an Actress who has worked in many movies and TV shows like Last Night In Soho In the year 2021, Split in the year 2016,  Emma in the year 2020, and many more and has been awarded by Golden Globe Award, A screen Actors Guild Award and Critics Choice  Award and many more.

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Extra Facts

  • She is not only good at acting but also good at horse-riding, skiing, swimming and playing Tennis.
  • She is also a skilled pianist.
  • Along with this, she has signed a contract with Shepherd Agency Management which is a talent acquiring company.
  • Her favorite actress are Golshifteh Farahani, Thomasin Mckenzie, Jessica Brown Findly.
  • Her favorite colors are Red, blue, and white.
  • Isla’s hobbies are Photography, Travelling, And acting.

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Movies and TV shows


Life After Life

In this movie, Isla has played the role of Ursula Todd who dies one night in 1910 before she can draw her first breath. On that same night in 1910, Ursula is born and survives

TV Series

National Treasure: Kiri

In this Isla has played the role of Fiona and this TV series is based on the life of the girl whose parents were addicts and her mother succumbed to the addiction and her father was unfit and so she ended up in the foster care system and she was fostered by Warners who have a son named Simon.

And thus decided to raise her while Miriam her caseworker while thrilled she feel that because it’s going to be an interracial adoption and thus she introduced her connection with her grandparents and further Kiri spends time with grandparents and thus she further disappears and on investigating she was finally back but the series further talks about the questions related to her disappearance.


In this Isla has played the role of Sarah Kemp and is based on the daily lives of staff at a Birmingham medical practice, including their often dramatic involvements with their patients.

Queen’s Gambit

The series was released on 23 October in the year 2020 on Netflix and has about 7 episodes of 60 Min each in which Anya Taylor has played the main role of Beth Harmon which is a fictional character and written and directed by  Scott Frank and this series is not about suspense or any other climax but is a typical series but leaves a mark on everyone’s heart by the Acting, Direction and all the things related to makeup and every technical aspect and thus looks like is totally on true events because of minute things are taken into consideration.

In this series, Isla Johnston has played the role of young Beth Harmon who is an Orphan and further, the series moves on to how she learns to play chess in the orphanage, and further after being a successful player further she gets up and again rises to become a super champion and becomes world’s NO1 chess player.

And further how she defeats the Russian player and thus the whole story is based on how she rises up from her addiction and becomes the world’s NO 1 Chess player.  And work done by Isla is totally fabulous and extraordinary.

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In this Isla has played the role of Lucy Spencer and It is a story of earth is visited by Aliens that basically threatens humanity existence and it takes vantage points from five different groupings of people all over the world as they see this event unfold and involves good drama and good characters.

And has one character who is in MILITARY and has a mission and is setting to go back to his squad another pretty good family having two kids and tries to survive and then in Japan, in which jazza which is in NASA and thus their craft gets attacked by aliens and started to make communication with the astronauts. Thus at last the connection between the aliens is revealed.


Isla, Emilia-Sofia Varslaukaite, and Olivia Koczan are stars in this film directed by Tessa Sheridan and written by Alexander Craig (co-writer).

Isla Johnston in  Stranger Things



Isla Johnston is not seen in Stranger things she has done only in movies and TV series like Life After Life, Doctors, Queen’s Gambit, Unmourned, and Ray James. And has gain popularity due to Queen’s Gambit by the way she acts and the emotions she has inculcated in her character is truly worth praising.

Ray James

It is a Science fiction movie inspired by HG Wells The War of the Worlds.

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Her Instagram account has about 5225 followers and has about 15 posts and thus her account has not yet been verified and her Instagram id is isla._.j and thus you can see her account by directly clicking the link below:


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How old is Isla Johnston?

Isla is a British actress who was born in the year 2007 and is of 15 years as in the year 2022.

Is Isla Johnston in Invasion?

Yes Isla is seen in Invasion it is a story of earth is visited by Aliens that basically threatens humanity existence and it takes vantage points from five different groupings of people all over the world as they see this event unfold and involves good drama and good characters.

Is Isla Johnston American?

No, she is a British Actress born in Cambridgeshire, England, in the United Kingdom.

What else has Isla Johnston been in ?

She has been in various movies and TV series like Queen’s Gambit, Unmourned, Invasion, Doctors, Ray James, Life afterlife, and National Treasure: Kiri.

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Isla Johnston Interview

Isla Johnston’s interviews are not yet officially disclosed on YouTube or any other sources and thus prefers to remain private and have not disclosed about her interviews.


Seeing such a wonderful journey of Isla Johnston is just phenomenal and one should take inspiration from this and should work in a similar manner and should not bother about one’s age and should do whatever one wishes to do in his or her life.

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