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Harsh Agrawal (ShoutMeLoud) Age, Education, Wife, Networth – Inspiration to Indian Bloggers

Harsh Agrawal
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Harsh Agrawal is one of the leading bloggers in India who is the owner of the Award-Winning Domain “Shoutmeloud”. His journey started after completing his graduation in Engineering from Shardha University. Firstly he took blogging as a Hobby and was writing based on Technology related stuff later he then switched from Technology to Helping people learn Blogging, tubing, and Podcasting. Thus even after getting placed in a Multinational company he rejected that job and took the decision to pursue blogging as a Career. And thus was the turning point of his life.

Harsh Agrawal

Harsh Agrawal

Thus he went through a lot of struggles before becoming one of the most Successful Bloggers. In the year 2008 on 28th June he met with an accident due to which he was unable to walk and thus within few weeks he got recovered and during the recovery journey he learned all the things related to blogging and thus got on 1st December 2008 he purchased the “Shoutmeloud” Domain and thus this started his journey of becoming the No 1 bloggers of India.


Personal Info

Real name   Harsh Agarwal
Known For   One of the greatest blogger of India.
Date of Birth   22nd June 1986
Schooling   Attended the Secondary School in       Jharkhand and B.Tech in IT at Sharda     University.



Age   36 years as in year 2022.
Birthplace   Jharkhand .
Nationality   Indian.
Family   His father’s and Mother’s name will be    updated soon.
Profession   Founder of Shoutmeloud.
Height   5 Feet 6  inches.
Weight   60kg
Eye Color   Black
Hair Color   Black
Life story   Struggled a lot to become one of the      greatest bloggers in India.
Monthly Income   40 lakh per Month.
Social Media   27K followers on Instagram.
Relationship   Married
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Harsh Agrawal Blogger life story

Harsh Agarwal calls himself an Accidental Blogger who was just an Average Engineering Student. And during his college days, he had decided that he didn’t want to do a job and just wanted to do something different but was not able to find out the way towards it. And thus after completing his graduation, he started pursuing blogging as a Hobby and after three to four months he got to know that through Blogging one can make money thus after 5 to 6 months he was making Good money which was about 40 to 50 thousand per month. Firstly he started adding blogs based on Technology related stuff and then later switched on to Blogs like how to Make Money Online through Blogging and thus this resulted in the Establishment of “Shoutmeloud”.

Harsh Agrawal

Harsh Agrawal

In one of the interviews, he told that there were two things that shaped his career. Firstly After completing his graduation he was offered a job thus he got confused as many people were saying him to do a job to make his career secure and but one of his friends gave him a suggestion which made his mind pursue blogging as his career. And secondly, he met with an accident that made him sit in a wheelchair for about 3 to 4 years and thus this disheartened him.

Writing to help others is about a Slow process and consistency and how you write and these are the things which make one a Good Blogger. And you are your competitor and thus by thinking about this one can surely attain greater heights in Blogging.

In the year 2016, he launched CoinSutra a Platform which gives information related to Bitcoin and BlockChain. In the year 2017, he had his first International Speech at Affiliate Summit West in Las Vegas, USA.  And in the year 2018, he told about creating Multi-Million Dollar Blog at Europe’s Biggest Digital Marketing Conference In Solvenia.

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Harsh Agarwal was born on 22 June in the year 1986 in Jharkhand, India. He attended the Local School in Jharkhand and later completed his graduation in B.Tech in IT at Sharda University.


Harsh Agarwal has not revealed much about his family and his children but he was in a relationship with Agrawal and later got married and thus the exact Information will be updated soon.

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Harsh Agrawal Blogs

Harsh Agrawal’s site Shoutmeloud contains blogs like

1.       How To Start a Blog.
2.       How to start a Podcast.
3.       Blogging
4.       Social Media Marketing and many more.

Harsh Agarwal Monthly Income

Harsh Agrawal (blogger)

Harsh Agrawal (blogger)

Harsh Agarwal earns about 40  lakhs per month and more through his Shoutmeloud website and various brand Endorsements and also through his YouTube channel thus this tells that from a Small Town boy to India’s Leading Blogger, it’s all about his hard work and dedication.

Harsh Agrawal LinkedIn

One can see Harsh Agarwal LinkedIn Profile by going through visiting the LinkedIn Website and thus one can view his profile.

Harsh Agrawal Instagram

Harsh Aagarwal has a massive fan following of about 27K followers on Instagram and has about 74 posts one can see it by clicking the link below and his website too has an Instagram page which is “Shoutmeloudcom” which is having about 18.7K followers.


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Harsh Agarwal Shoutmeloud

In 2008, On December 1st he purchased this domain on his friend’s credit card and was not having that much money to purchase a Domain and thus rest is history. Shoutmeloud gives information regarding, how to do Blogging, Podcasting and also how start a Youtube Channel one can learn many things related to it and also through Shoutmeloud one can learn to earn money and fame. And live a Boss Free Life and that’s what Shoutmeloud and is completely Free.

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What is the net worth of Harsh Agrawal?

Harsh Agrawal started his journey in the year 2008 when he purchased the domain of Shoutmeloud with the help of his friend’s credit card thus by hardwork, Consistency he became of the greatest, bloggers in India and thus today, his Networth is about $40 Lakhs per month.

What is Shoutmeloud?

Harsh Agrawal started “Shoutmeloud” in the year 2008 which gives information related to how to start your venture on Google, Youtube and thus live a boss free life and also gives information related to Podcasting through this site of Sjourneyeloud.

Who is Harsh Agrawal?

Harsh Agrawal is one of the greatest bloggers of India and thus started the journey in the year 2008 from “Shoutmeloud” which gives information, on how to learn Blogging, tubing and related to podcasting. And has won many awards for this site in 2013 he received the Best Indian Blogger Award by IndiBlogger and many more.

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Thus this was all about Harsh Agrawal and his journey to becoming the greatest blogger in India. One should always work hard and should be determined towards our passion and should not hesitate to give up on the jobs which will lead to cutting down our dreams and thus live a Boss Free Live. As it is said that Jobs will help us only to pay the Bills but our Venture or something of our own will help us to pay for our Lifestyle.

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