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Elsie Pearl
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Elsie Pearls is one of those actresses who became famous due to her relationship with the Stranger Things Actor Finn. While she is seen in the Movie ‘Di Bibl’ and the Comedy Series Doll and Em with her Mother. While on the surface, the life of an actress seems glamorous. But, there’s a lot of work that goes into making it a successful career.

Elsie Pearls

Elsie Pearls

Celebrities often have an interesting life. They have to deal with public scrutiny, which can be a major challenge. This is especially true in Hollywood, which is one of the most heavily scrutinized places in the world. Here is a glimpse into the life of Hollywood actress Elsie Pearls.

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Personal Info:

Real name Elsie Richter
Known For Girlfriend of Finn Wolfhard
Date of Birth Born in the year 2002
Schooling Sussex University
Age 20 years as in 2022
Birthplace New York, United States
Nationality American
Family Elsie Pearls Mother’s name is Dolly Wells and her father’s name is Mischa Richter
Profession Actress
Height 5 Feet 7 Inches
62 kg
Boyfriend Finn Wolfhard
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Brown
Life story
To be a Finest Hollywood Actress
$400,000 as of 2022

Life story

Elsie Pearl started her Journey at a Tender age. As she is the Daughter of Hollywood Actress and Writer Dolly Wells. Elsie received her First Role when she was a Kid In the Movie Doll and Em which was Co-written by her Mother and was also featured in that Movie. While she grew up in New York and did her graduation from the University of Sussex, New York.

Elsie Pearl Life story

Elsie Pearls Life story

While after Completing her Education at Sussex University. She did the Movie names ‘Di Bibl’ which is her First Movie. Thus she came into the limelight due to her Movie and started gaining Popularity. While she became famous after dating the Iconic Stranger Things actor Finn Wolfhard. Thus she is working hard to be one of the Finest Hollywood actresses.

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Elsie Pearls was born in the year 2002, while her birth date is not known as she is Tight Lipped about her life. While she did her education at the University of Sussex, New York.


Elsie Pearls Mother’s name is Dolly Wells she is one of the Finest Hollywood actresses who featured in several Movies like  Doll and Em and the Comedy Drama series Good Posture. Along with being featured in Movies, she has Co-written the Movie and a Comedy Series too, while her father’s name is Mischa Richter and she also has one brother named Ezra Richter.

elsie pearls Family

Elsie pearls Family

Elsie Pearls Grooming

Firstly Grooming In Adults means Choosing a Target Boy or a Girl then building trust with them, then taking advantage of that Boy or Girl Financially or Sexually. Thus Elsie Pearls is Considered a Groomer based on the Screenshots which went Viral.

Elsie Pearls Movie

Elsie Pearls Movie

Elsie Pearls Movie

Elsie Pearls has been seen in her First Comedy Series Doll and Em in which she played the Role of  April which was Doll’s Daughter and was her First British Comedy Series. It was an HBO show which tells the story of Em and her best Friend Doll Nurture their Friendship after Em hires Doll to be her Best Friend.
While she is known for her role in her First Movie Di Bibl which is based on a theme, which shows the Messed up Part of the Bible In a Very Descent Manner.

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Elsie Pearls And Finn Wolfhard

Elsie Pearls And Finn Wolfhard

Elsie Pearls And Finn Wolfhard

It was seen that Finn who is a Stranger Things actor and Elsie were in a Relationship but recently they had a Nasty Breakup as Elsie Cheated on Finn. They Firstly were spotted Together in the year 2021 in March. While in April Elsie and Finn attended the NBA basketball game at State Farm Arena. They were also seen exploring New York Together. While Elsie also posted her photo of Both Getting Cozy with each other. Which increased the possibility of Dating each Other. But they are not officially together after having a Nasty Split.

Elsie Pearls Instagram

As Instagram allows you to get a more personal and intimate understanding of the lives of these celebs. When you’re scrolling through these accounts, you can’t help but feel inspired by their beauty and positive outlook on life. Elsie Pearls is having a massive Fan Following of about 160k Followers on Instagram. While she has posted about 29 Posts on her account. Her Instagram ID is “elsiepearls”.

Elsie Pearls Zodiac Sign

Not only are they ruled by their Sun Sign and Moon Sign, but they also have a ruling planet and a ruling sign. The ruling sign is the sign that will be most visible and recurring throughout their life.
With Hollywood being so prevalent in our lives, we know a lot about these actresses. We are always left wondering what their zodiac sign is. Thus Elsie Pearls Zodiac Sign is Taurus.

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Elsie Pearls And Millie

Millie Bobby Brown is a famous British Actress who is known for playing the Role of Eleven in Stranger Things. In one of Elsie Pearl’s videos, she has seen Bullying and Mocking Millie Bobby Brown. Thus Elsie Pearls is not sweet as he looks.

Elsie Pearls And Millie

Elsie Pearls And Millie


What did Elsie Pearls act in?

Elsie Pearls did her first movie when she was a Kid In a Movie Named Doll and Em in the year 2014 while she has also been featured in the Movie Di Bibl in the year 2019.

How old is Elsie Pearls?

Elsie Pearls was born in the year 2002, thus her age according to the year 2022 is 20 years.

Who is Elsie Pearls Parents?

Elsie was born to actress Dolly Wells and Mischa Richter, Dolly Wells is a Hollywood Writer and Actress who has been featured in films and Series like Good Posture and Doll and Em.


We hope you enjoyed our blog about the life of Elsie Pearls. From being able to transform your look to be well-known, this career is filled with so many ups and downs. We hope that you found some helpful tips in our article and that our blog post helped you understand this amazing career path better.

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