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David Lasnet is the husband of late-model Stella Tennant and is a Paris born photographer who is now an established Osteopath thus started her career as a Color grader in a lab and thus did a job as a photographer after being spotted by the Fashion Photographer and thus was the turning point of his life and thus did the job of a Photographer as it was his need to do a job and then did the job for many years and also tied the knot with the Model Stella Tennant and thus became the father of four children.

David Lasnet Wiki

David Lasnet Wiki

Stella Tennant helped him get out of depression and thus was the greatest support system for him and then further due to some difficulties in their relationship he split with Stella and thus Stella was found dead in her house after her 50th birthday due to some reasons regarding her work due to impact of  Covid 19 and thus David is currently pursuing work in Somaosteopathy and raising their 4 children.

Personal Info

  Real Name   David Lasnet
  Date of birth   In the year 1971
  Age (as in 2022)   51
  School   From one of the British schools.
  College   British School of Osteopathy and also did Graduation from Osteopathic treatment of Constitutional Disease at the Institute of Classical Osteopathy and now is a successful Somaosteopath.
  Nationality   British
  Profession   Photographer and Osteopath
  Childhood   Born in Paris in the year 1971.
  Family   Not known more about his family.
  Height (approx)   In feet – 5’10”

In centimeters – 155 cm

  Weight   69
  Eye Color   Hazel Brown
  Hair Color   Brown
  Networth   50000 Dollars
  Relationship   His wife’s name is the late Stella Tennant.

Life story

David Lasnet has qualified from the British School of Osteopathy in the year 2009 and his main work is to look towards conditions of children and babies who are in Chronic conditions the practice he is based in is Somaosteopathy in Edinburgh. His wife Stella Tennant was an English-born Scottish Model who was the daughter of Han Tobias Tennant she was born in Scotland and attended Saint Leonard School in Saint Andrews and she was the grandchild of Andrew Cavendish. David Lasnet’s wife Stella Tennant walked the runway for famous fashion designers like Prada and Versace and Chanel and also was on the cover of many famous magazines.

david lasnet stella tennant

david lasnet stella tennant

David started his career as a Color grader in the lab and after meeting the fashion Photographer Peruvian and thus rejected the chance to become a Model but and accepted the job offer of being and photographer but he was just surviving in that job and not enjoying so he started learning the Osteopathy after his marriage and thus today is an Osteopath from British School of Osteopathy and also did Graduation from Osteopathic treatment of Constitutional Disease at the Institute of Classical Osteopathy and now is a successful Somaosteopath.

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David Lasnet age

David was born in Paris in the year 1971 and his actual birth date is not known but according to the year 2022 his actual age is 51 years.


He said in one interview that his “parents were raised Post Warish with Sexual Revolution of 1968, so their values were messed up between a complete letting go and an almost Calvinist sense of duty” thus the names of his parents are not revealed.

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David and Stella met when Mario Testino had hired him as an assistant when he was spotted by the Fashion designer while drinking coffee in a Paris Café and was hired as a Set Assistant after declining the offer of being a model and thus that’s where they both had met each other. Tennant was called for a photoshoot by Testino and thus it was love, at first sight, said Stella in one of her interviews they had lunch after the photo shoot and it took a while for them to get together as a couple due to language barriers, and thus further Stella taught him English.

david lasnet new girlfriend stella tennant

david lasnet new girlfriend stella tennant

Further, Stella was super supportive, and further, it was the symbol of their relationship and thus further gave them four children,  Marcel, Cecily, Jasmine, and Iris. They both married in the year 1999 at the local church in Oxnam, Scotland On 22 June in the year 1999.  They moved to the US where they both excelled in their career and further they moved to the Atlantic where David pursued Osteopathy thus he was Inspired to study Osteopathy because of his Son Marcel’s whooping cough at a young age.

And thus were living happily always said that the secret to the longevity of the marriage is that they want to make it work.

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David Lasnet now

David lasnet is an Osteopath, as he was having interested to cure all the chronic conditions of Babies and other people and thus is practicing SOMA Osteopathy, 1 year ago he had posted a video on Youtube that how all the care is taken regarding COVID 19 regulations and thus in that video he has told that how he would be following all the regulations in his Clinic of SOMA Osteopathy and he has told that each Room undergoes thorough cleansing and the Practitioner wears full PPE kit to prevent the transmission of the virus and many more and thus Today David is busy working as an Osteopath.

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David Lasnet instagram

David Lasnet is also seen active on Instagram though his account is private one can see his posts after following him and has about 463 followers on Instagram and has about 1022 posts and has written in his bio regarding his profession and thus one can see it by clicking the link below:

David Lasnet networth

David Lasnet is a professional from the British School of Osteopathy and graduate in Constitutional Disease at the Institute of Classical Osteopathy and did higher education from Sutherland Cranial College for Higher Education thus he his a highly qualified Osteopath and thus his net worth would be around 50000 Dollars.

David Lasnet new girlfriend

David Lasnet was previously married to Stella Tennant and thus according to our sources David is single and has four children with Stella and they are Marcel, Cecily, Jasmine, and Iris thus his late wife Stella Tennant had given him support in his ups and downs and thus were loving each other a lot and thus he is busy in making their kids a good human being and also nurturing them and busy with his Osteopathy and thus has no new girlfriend.



David Lasnet photographer

Paris Born photographer Lasnet describes his wife as super supportive and said that Stella improved her mental health after he suffered from Depression in his 20s and his journey of becoming a photographer was not his passion but his need he had started his career as a color grader In a lab after attending the film school and later in a Coffee Shop, he met the famous Peruvian Fashion Photographer Mario Testino and said David to be a Model for his shoot but he said that he is not interested in being in front of the camera but he needed a job.

Then Mario decided to hire David as an assistant Photographer then after working with Fashion Photographers Mario Testino and Paolo Roversi for a few years and then quit his job and took the profession where he is having interested and thus started working as an Osteopath because he was just surviving and not having any interest in Photography.

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David Lasnet and Stella Tennant split

In August, they had split after their 21 years of marriage and the reason behind their split was that there was no growth in their relationship at that time David had moved to Edinburgh where he continued working as an Osteopath while Stella would do Riding and they had a chat but Stella was tensed because of Impact of Covid 19 on the fashion industry and thus she thought that she would never work again and also thought that by the time people will be allowed to work travel and catwalk show restarted, she would be old.

And has also said that she is not really pursuing her modeling in the same way and thus the news of her death was confirmed only months after their split and just five days after her 50th birthday he was found dead in her house on the Scottish Borders in last week of December on 22 December 2020 and thus will be remembered as a great inspiration for fashion Industry.

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Faq About David Lasnet

Who is Stella’s husband?

Stella Tennant’s husband is David Lasnet who firstly became the Professional Photographer as per his need for a Job and then chose the profession of his interest in Osteopathy thus has faced many ups and downs in his life like suffering from Depression, Split with Stella, and her death and is raising their children.

Was Stella Tennant married?

Stella Tennant was married on 22 June in the year 1999 to David and they had met each other on a photoshoot where David was the Photographer and thus fell in love with each other at first sight and despite having language barriers got engaged.

Stella Tennant related to David?

Yes, David is the husband of late Supermodel Stella Tennant and thus they shared a very special bond though they got split but was loving each other as they fell in love with each other at first sight.


Thus by taking inspiration from David Lasnet’s life after going through such hard times like Surviving a job which was not of his interest than going through depression in his 20s and further his split with Stella and finally death of Stella and thus despite going through such tough times he is moving on his life and building the life of their 4 children happily.

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