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Courtney Henggeler is known for her role as Amanda in Cobra Kai. She got famous due to her Cheeky Character as Missy in Big Bang Theory. The blog is about the life of an actress. The blog begins with how the actress’s life has changed since she became famous and also about her Relationship Status, her Children, and Many more secrets about her life. Then the blog discusses how the actress’s life is better now that she is confident and that she has found her place in life.
This blog will offer insights into the life of an actress and the thoughts that come with it.

Courtney Henggeler

Courtney Henggeler

Personal Info

Real Name Courtney Henggeler
Known For Her Iconic Role in Big Bang Theory.
Date of Birth 11th December 1978.
Schooling Seaford High School
Age 44 years as in 2022
Birthplace Phillipsburg, New Jersey
Nationality American
Family Her Father’s name is William while her mother’s name is Margaret.
Profession Actress
Height 5 Feet 9 inches
Weight 65kg
Measurements 34-25-36
Eye color Blue Green
Hair Color Brown
Life story She is working hard to become a great actress.
Net worth $ 1 Million

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Life story

Courtney Henggeler got acting lessons from Los Angeles. She entered into this World due to her Friend. In one of the Interviews, she had told that she thanked her Friend “Patty” for making her for the Auditions in her High School. While her actual Journey started when she was offered a Main Role in the Movie “Bog Creatures” in the year 2003 and later after two years she made a Guest Appearance in the Medical Drama House.

courtney henggeler life story

Courtney Henggeler life story

She made a Guest Appearance is one of the Popular Sitcoms “The Big Bang Theory”. Thus she worked as a Guest Star in many Shows and Movies and thus later in the year 2018 her biggest break was in the Role of Amanda in Cobra Kai.

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Courtney Henggeler Husband

Courtney Henggeler has married someone with having Less High Profile. Her Husband Ross Shines Mostly Behind the Scenes, even though he is also an Actor who had Cameos In Major Series like Supernatural and Veronica Mars. He later launched his Own Company Indy Entertainment.

courtney henggeler Husband

courtney henggeler Husband

She has a bachelor’s degree in Economics From the University of Wisconsin-Madison and used his Higher Education to Land a Job at Rhino Trading Partners.


Courtney Henggeler was born on 11th December 1978 in Phillipsburg, New Jersey. She was interested in Acting since a Tender Age. She attended Secondary School in Los Angeles while graduating from Seaford High School.


Courtney Henggeler’s father’s name is William Henggeler while her Mother’s name is Margaret Henggeler. But there is not much information about their Profession but they are of Swiss-German Descent.

Courtney Henggeler’s  Movies and TV shows

Courtney Henggeler In Cobra Kai

Courtney Henggeler In Cobra Kai

·        Cobra Kai in the year 2018.
·        Fixed in the year 2017.
·        Big Bang theory from the year 2007-2019.
·        Henry Danger from the year 2014 to 2020.
·        Mom from the year 2013 to 2021.
·        Do not Reply in the year 2019.
·        Fuller House from the year 2016- 2020.
·        Friends With Benefits in the year 2011.
·        The Boys in the Boat in the year 2023 and many more…

Courtney Henggeler’s Age

Hollywood is filled with young actresses who are turning heads every day with their acting skills, but Hollywood has been around for years. The same is true for acting. In the acting world, there has been a shift in how young actors are brought into the industry.

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These young actresses are allowed to act in films without being too old. This is why you might see young actors in the age range of 10-15 years old acting in major films.
Age is just a number, and it is a number that doesn’t always make a difference. Thus the age of Courtney Henggeler according to the year 2022 is 44 years.

Courtney Henggeler Networth

Celebrities are our guiding light. They are the reason we love to follow their careers and want to connect to them on social. These actors and actresses are, for many, our idols. Just like everyone else, celebrities have their ups and downs and often, their net worth goes up and down. To get a sense of these changes, it’s important to know their net worth. Networth of Courtney Henggeler is about $1 Million as her Major Source of Income is through Movies, Brand Endorsements, and Collaborations.

Courtney Henggeler in Big Bang Theory

Courtney Henggeler In Big Bang theory

Courtney Henggeler In Big Bang theory

Courtney Henggeler has played the role of Missy Cooper on the series “Big Bang Theory”. She became famous and gain Popularity due to her role in “Big Bang Theory”.

Courtney Henggeler in Lucifer

Courtney Henggeler is not seen in the Series Lucifer. She has not been Cast in any of the Seasons of Lucifer.

Courtney Henggeler in Fuller House

Courtney Henggeler In Fuller House

Courtney Henggeler In Fuller House

Courtney Henggeler has played the role of Renee in Fuller House.

Courtney Henggeler Instagram

Courtney Henggeler has a massive Fan Following of about 512 K followers on Instagram and her Instagram ID is “courtneyhenggeler”. She has posted about 233 Posts on her account.

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How old is Courtney Henggeler?

As Courtney Henggeler was born in the year 1978 thus her age according to the year 2022 is 44 years.

How Tall is Courtney Henggeler?

Her height is 5 Feet 9 Inches while in Meters it is 1.75 Meters.

What has Courtney Henggeler been in?

Courtney Henggeler has been in various Movies and TV shows like: Cobra Kai in the year 2018. Fixed in the year 2017. Big Bang theory from the year 2007-2019. Henry Danger from the year 2014 to 2020. Mom from the year 2013 to 2021. Do not Reply in the year 2019 and many more.


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