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Chaney Jones
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Chaney Jones is one of the most-liked Instagram Star, Models, Influencers from the United States of America and is popularly known in the country for her amazing body figure and looks her official Instagram account is filled with her amazing pictures and videos, and also does promotions of many products through her Instagram account. And thus came into the limelight after attending the listening party of the Rapper Kanye West on 7th February 2022 and thus attracted all the attention of the Media by her dress as it was similar to that of Kim Kardashian and thus they were spotted many times together.

Chaney Jones

Chaney Jones

Chaney Jones had begun her career by doing Tick Tok videos like Comedy Videos clips, Dancing Moves, and Lip Sync videos and along with this, she has also started a campaign to assist the needy who are affected by psychological problems thus in Nov 2021 she opened first State Behavior well being and has gained a beautiful Fan base on her Social Media and is busy verifying a Brand named” New Romance” with Kanye West. And she has reached nice heights in her profession and thus is still working hard to become one of the most renowned Models. So from this blog, we will look at her struggles and journey to becoming such a great Model.


Personal Info


Real Name
Chaney Jones


Known For
Instagram Influencer and COO of First State Behavioural Health organization.

Date of Birth
29 August 1997.

Bachelor’s degree in Psychology at University of Delaware and Masters in Wilmington University.

25 years as in 2022.

Dover, Delaware in United States.


Mother’s name is Nicole Jones and Fathers name is Avon Jones.

Model, Instagram Influencer.

5 feet and 7 inches and 1.71 In metres and 171 In centimeters


Eye Color
Dark Brown

Hair Color

Life story
Struggling a lot to become a renowned Model.

$15 Million.

Social Media
573K followers on Instagram.

Kanye West
Dominique Armani Jones


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Life story

Chaney Jones is a Model, Celebrity, Social Media Influencer and has been seen in many Photo Shoots for Brands and thus had come into the limelight because of being spotted with Rapper Kanye West as they both were seen in Malibu and thus by seeing her photos, she has worn a dress like that of Kim Kardashian and thus is looking similar to that of Kim Kardashian. Kanye was earlier dating Julia Force but a couple seems to have gone separate ways as Julia has taken down all photos along with Kanye west from her Instagram account and thus the relationship between Kanye and Chaney Jones is just rumored there is no official confirmation of their relationship.

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She completed her Schooling at a Local School she did her Primary Education and after completing her High School she attended the renowned University. And thus she is a Model by profession and has modeled for many famous brands she has worked for Kay Beauty, Gucci, and many more. She has also worked for many Magazines and Designers and thus she wants to be a renowned Model in the Modelling Industry.

Chaney Jones

Chaney Jones

And thus along with being a Model she also does many Things which she does for the Welfare of People and thus is a Mental Health Advocate She has started her campaign to help people who are suffering from Mental Issues and thus her father is the CEO of her organization and runs it to understand the Mental Health of people and thus give them a Mental Support so that they can come out of their situations.


Chaney Jones’s Father’s name is Avon Jones and is a Therapist and a CEO of First State Behavioral Health while their Mother Nicole Jones is a Dover Air Force Middle School Principal.


Chaney Jones was born on August 29, 1997, in Dover, Delaware in the United States She had spent her entire childhood in Delaware. Chaney Jones has completed her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology at the University of Delaware and believes she is today also studying for a Master’s at Wilmington University.

Chaney Jones Relationship

As Chaney and Kanye are spotted together in Malls and seen partying together hence it is clear that they both are in a relationship but they both have not made any commitment related to their relationship. And Chaney Jones’s name is also being added with Dominique Armani Jones which is also known as Lil Baby and thus there is no statement regarding them.

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Chaney Jones Networth

Chaney Jones’s Estimated Networth is around 15 Million Dollars and thus she is having such a massive Networth from different sources like Therapist, Model, Influencer and thus she has recently bought a new Mansion worth 13 Million Dollars.

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Chaney Jones and Kanye West

Kanye West has gone through a ride of Rollercoasters, after filing for divorce for Kim Kardashian and thus after seeing the Romance of Kim with Pete Davidson the rapper turned to Instagram to Slam the lovebirds resulting in a flood of negative Publicity.

Chaney Jones and Kanye West

Chaney Jones and Kanye West

After having a short-lived relationship with Julia Fox, Kanye seems to have found a new love as West was seen stepping out with a woman who looks like the Mirror Image of Kim. And also has introduced Chaney to his Family members at one Event on his Grand Mother’s 85th Birthday.

Kanye told Chaney that she should try Not to Imitate Kim and thus should be herself.


Chaney Jones is an Instagram Sensation and has a massive fan following of about 573K followers on Instagram she is followed by Top Celebrities like Shaq, Brandon Ingram, DJ Khaled, and Diddy.

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Chaney Jones Age

Chaney Jones was born on August 29, 1997, in Dover, Delaware in the United States thus her age according to the year 2022 is 25 years.

Chaney Jones Vs Kim Kardashian

As Kanye and Chaney both are in a relationship and thus they were spotted together in one restaurant at that time she was in a full black body and thus which was similar to that of Kim Kardashian.
Again they both were spotted in Miami shopping together and have posted a photo of her sitting in the back of a car wearing a leather look and which was again similar to that of Kim Kardashian.

Chaney Jones vs Kardarshian

Chaney Jones vs Kardarshian

Thus she has also made certain Surgeries on her face which are resulting in her looking similar to Kim Kardashian and thus Kanye has told her that she should try Not to Imitate Kim and thus should be herself.

Chaney Jones Pronunciation

As her name is Chaney Jones but the way of Pronunciation of her name is quite different but not difficult at all and thus her name can be pronounced in the following manner and it is like Ch-ee-ne-ey Jo- ne-es and thus it can be pronounced in this way.

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Chaney Jones and Lil Baby

Dominique Armani Jones is known professionally as Lil Baby as he is an American Rapper who got famous in the year 2017 due to the release of his mixtape Perfect Timing as his surname is Jones and Chaney Jones’s surname is also similar but there is no relation between her a Lil Baby.

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Extra Facts

  • Chaney Jones is a Wonderful Soft Ballplayer and use to play for Bryant University where she completed her High School. During her childhood, she always wanted to be a Professional Soft Ballplayer.
  • Chaney Jones has completed her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology at the University of Delaware and believes that Education is very important she is today also studying Master’s at Wilmington University.
  • As she has completed her Degree in Psychology she is working in a Counseling Service Company which is a First State Behavioral Health organization which is located in Various places in America Her father Alvon Jones Is the CEO of this Company.
  • As Many people call her Kim Kardashian because she looks like Kim Kardashian and even her Dresses, Walking, and attitude is also much similar to Kim Kardashian.
  • Chaney Jones has done a lot of Plastic Surgeries on her Face and Body and the reason behind her Plastic Surgery is that she wants to look like Kim Kardashian.
  • Her Father Avon Jones is a Therapist and the CEO of First State Behavioral Health while her Mother Nicole Jones is a Dover Air Force Middle School Principal.
  • And she was not at all famous, but after being spotted with Kanye in Jan 2022 she has become famous and thus Kanye is dating her just to irritate Kim and tell her that he is obsessed with Kim.

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Does Chaney Jones looks like Kim Kardashian?

Chaney Jones has done a Plastic Surgery and thus her face looks a bit similar to that Of Kim Kardashian and she dresses like that of Kim Kardashian thus sometimes she looks similar to Kim but not always.

What does Chaney Jones Do for a living?

Chaney Jones is famous for her Photos and Moves and for her Tick Tok videos by profession she is a Model, Instagram Influencer and also she is COO of First State Behavioral Health while she earns money from her Instagram and Youtube Channel and thus today is famous because she is seen with Kanye West.

Who did Chaney Jones date?

Chaney jones currently is in a relationship with Kanye West as they are seen spotted together in Shopping malls as well as partying together hence she is in a relationship with Kanye West.


Thus this was all about Chaney Jones and her life thus one should take inspiration from her life and should do things whatever one wishes as Chaney did, as her dream is to become one of the renowned Models and thus work hard to achieve the same.

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