Cardi B – Movies, Biography, News, Age & Photos

Cardi B - Movies, Biography, News, Age & Photos
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Cardi b is one of the greatest Rapper who has Appeared in two seasons of “Love and Hip Hop: New York’ The rapper scored a great Big.  She was also seen in a small Role on Bet’s “Being Mary Jane”. Being a College Dropout and once was an Exotic Dancer.  She has a list of Honours like the Grammy Award and the Eight Billboards Music Award. It also includes Three Consecutive Top Rap Female Artists and has won about 5 Guinness World Records, Six American Music Awards, four MTV Video Music, Hip Hop Awards, and Invasion of Privacy making her the first Female To Win the Grammy Award.

Cardi B - Movies, Biography, News, Age & Photos

Cardi B – Movies, Biography, News, Age & Photos


Her real name is “Belcalis Almanzar”. In one of the shows about the mystery related to her name. Her sister’s name is Hennessy, which is a popular Cognac Brand so in keeping with the Alcohol Theme, friends started calling Cardi B “Bacardi” which is a Popular Rum Brand and thus later shortened with Cardi and according to her, she added “B” to her name is because she thinks that “B” means changing with her Daily Emotions.

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When she was 16 years old she started running around with Certain Blood  Gang and even joined them. In the year 2013, she started gaining Popularity on Social Media and fans tuned in to her hilarious videos and thus these videos helped her increase her popularity and also was in the VH1’s “Love and Hip Hop: New York in the year 2015 and from then she gained about 10 Million Instagram Followers before releasing her first Debut Album.


Personal Info

Real Name Belcalis Almanzar
Nickname Cardi B.
Known For As a American Rapper and has been honored with Numerous Prestigious Awards.
Date of Birth 11th October 1992.
Schooling Herbert H Lehman High School. And college from Borough Of Manhattan Community College.


Age 30  years as in 2022.
Birthplace New York.
Nationality American
Family Her Father was a Cab driver and Mother was a Cashier in a Bank but later had Divorce.
Profession Rapper.
Height 5 feet and 5 inches and 165 cm.
Weight 65kg and 143 pounds.
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Life story Struggled a lot to become a great  Rapper.
Networth $10 Million.
Social Media 130M  followers on Instagram.
Relationship With Migos member Offset.

Life story

She is Considered one of the Hottest artists in the world. She has gone through a lot of struggles in her life as her Mother was Cashier and her father was A Cab Driver. And after her parent’s divorce, she was living with her Mother but later she left her mother’s house and shifted to an area where crimes took place and due to this rough upbringing she went into one Blood Gang. She did many minor jobs during her Childhood and also in her 20s like doing Jobs in Restaurants and thus this was the turning point of her life when she was fired from her job and the Manager of the restaurant gave her advice to join the New York Club as Stripper as her body was too Hot and thus joined it and started earning about $300 per day during her early days.

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And thus in the year 2013, she gained a lot of audience on Instagram and thus due to her Comedy Vines and Videos, she became the Party Host and thus got a role in Love and Hip Hop in the year 2015. In the year 2016 from her savings, she released her first mixtape “ GBV 1 and in the year 2017, its second part came. And thus gained a lot of popularity and was called in Many Popular shows and thus in the year 2017 she was signed by an Atlantic Record and thus released the Bodak Yellow track which was the breakout track in her life.

Her early life had gone in Poverty and thus had done a lot of struggle and went from Rags to Riches and became one of the Biggest Stars on the Planet. And she said that she has invested all his savings to become a Rap Star and is considered one of the Exotic Dancers.

She has also broken records with her song “ Bodak Yellow” was played so much that it broke many records. It reached No 1 on the charts and it was the first song by a Solo Female Rap artist to do these in 19 years. And it was also No 1  for three weeks and it was the longest-running No 1 by a Solo Female Rap Artist. She took the Title from Lauren Hill who was No1 for two weeks with her hit song” Doo-Wop”.

Cardi B in Met gala 2022

Cardi B in Met Gala 2022

Cardi B in Met Gala 2022

At Met Gala, 2022 stars have brought their most extravagant looks and Hollywood is breaking down some of the most Memorable Red Carpet Moments. Cardi b was seen in Curve- Hugging Versace Gown covered in Gold Chains. The dress paid tribute to American Pop Culture and Gianni and Donatella’s Versace. The dress is like a second skin of Jewellery and the jewellery was created by hand by Italian Artists in Gold Galvanic. It included One kilometre of Chain and Jewellery. This was looking fabulous during the Red Carpet.

Cardi B in Met Gala 2019

Cardi B in Met Gala 2019

Cardi B in Met Gala 2019

During the Met gala 2019, her dress was a feminist-inspired dress highlighting her Ruby Nipples and she told that the inspiration behind the dress was feminism and the dress reflects the woman’s body and thus kept it extravagant and elegant.

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Cardi B Husband

She was in a relationship with offset and thus had proposed to her in front of thousands of people in one concert in Philadelphia. They first collaborated on a Track in December 2016 and by February 2017 there were many rumours regarding their relationship thus they made it official on Instagram after a month.

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Thus later in the year 2017, there were many Ups and Downs in their relationship but they didn’t lose hope and thus keep trying on each other and were living happily together finally, he put the Ring. And thus later she made her pregnancy news official through one concert she performed in the year 2018 on NBC’S Iconic Show” Saturday Night Live” and thus revealed her Baby Bump in her Second Performance Show.

Cardi B Controversies

There was a certain Issue regarding Cardi B and Nicki Minaj and thus during an event Cardi B had thrown her scandal on Nicki Minaj. But before it, they were together in one song named Motor Sport.  And there was one other controversy related to her which was based on Crip Gang and thus was getting death threats from the Crip gang.


Cardi B was born in the Bronx, New York in the year 1992 on the 11th of October. She was raised in High Bridge, which is a neighbourhood in South Bronx, New York City. She has lived in Poverty for most of her years.

Cardi B Networth

She is the person to have top ten Singles in the same week on the Billboard Hot R and B/ Hip Hop Chart. In year 2016 she signed a deal with Atlantic Records giving her the Acclaim. At that time she took home more than 27 thousand  Dollars definitely and her Instagram has more than 121 Million followers on Instagram and she tells about her opinion on relationships. And along with being honoured with Grammys she is also famous on Youtube, she has five Guinness World records Five American Music Awards and many more and thus she has increased her self worth and thus her net worth is around $1.1 Million and is growing.

Cardi B’s Songs

There are numerous Hit songs given by Cardi B and thus some of her greatest Hit songs of Cardi b are as follows:

  1. Up
  2. Wap
  3. I like
  4. Bodak Yellow.
  5. MotorSport.
  6. Press
  7. Money.
  8. LA Bebe.
  9. Pull Up
  10. She Bad and the list goes on.

Cardi B Children

Kulture who is Cardi b’s daughter has three half Siblings through her father Offset and their names are Jordan Cephus, Kody Cephus and Half-sister Khalia Marie Cephas.  A few weeks before the couple revealed the face of their son who has become a year and a half older and thus they took it to Instagram to share their picture and reveal his name which is Wave Set Cephas.

Cardi B’s Age

Cardi B was born in the Bronx, New York in the year 1992 on the 11th of October thus her age according to the year 2022 is about 30 years.

Cardi B’s Daughter

Cardi B's daughter

Cardi B’s daughter

Cardi B in the year 2018 was expecting a little one in the year 2018 and thus she firstly didn’t reveal the gender of her child but the rapper’s sister took to Instagram to congratulate Cardi B and revealed the secret. And thus Cardi b’s daughter’s name is Kulture but her real name is Jennifer. Kulture has the personality of  a 28-year-old professional entertainer. A few months ago Minivogue published a Stunning Pink Paged article on baby naming her mini style influencer.

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Kulture was seen wearing Mini Pink Flowery Dress and a Cute butterfly alongside Mommy Cardi who is matching in Pink and White. And thus being featured on the MiniVogue and due to her Instagram Debut, her Networth is about half a Million Dollars. Besides these, her parents wanted to keep her grounded and be humble in her life and thus are giving her many Valuable Lessons.


Extra facts

Cardi B

Cardi B

1.       Cardi B’s father is of Dominican Descent and her Mother is Trinidadian. She has spent the majority of her time with her Grandmother. Her parents would work, as she described as “ Poor People Jobs”
2.       She got her nickname Cardi B from the rum brand named “Bacardi”.
3.       She was once famous for her Crooked Smile and was constantly bullied for it and thus changed it when she started making money.
4.       Cardi B has spent about $40,000 on her New Smile and she even rapped about it in her Hit Song due to her hit song, her dentist’s Clients list tripled.
5.       She has her chest Augmented and has got injections to the rear when she was 2021. And she also said that she was lacking in having big Boots and thus she went into the Illegal Injection Business in Queens, New York and said that the pain was unbearable.
6.       Once she wore the Dress which was only $60 and she is also a huge fan of GYPSY sport, A brand that she walked for in a Spring 2015 Fashion Show.
7.       She has also joined Kim and Serena Williams With her Love of Designer Laquan Smith.

Cardi B Topless

Cardi b has recently posted her picture of herself Being Topless and thus again immediately deleted the post thus one can see her pictures wearing nothing on her Instagram page.

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Which are Cardi b’s biggest hits?

Some of Cardi b’s biggest hits are: • Ring. • Drip. • Press • Bodak Yellow • Be careful • Money and many more.

What is Cardi B famous for?

Cardi b is an American Rapper who is from New York City and thus had come from Rags and also was working for a Blood gang thus due to the poor upbringing she has done a lot of struggle to become such a great rapper who started her career as a Stripper and later became one of the greatest rappers in the world.

What is Cardi B’s real name?

Her real name is “Belcalis Almanzar” and has got the name Cardi b from the Popular Rum brand Bacardi.



Thus by taking inspiration from Cardi B’s life that despite having a Rough Upbringing she didn’t lose hope and became one of the greatest Female Rapper as she went from various setbacks in her life like Being included in a Blood gang and working in restaurants and also as a stripper, she went through a lot of controversies but still she worked hard and made to the heights.

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