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Brittany Renner Biography – Age, Biography, Boyfriend, Net Worth of Pj Washington Wife…

Brittany Renner
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Brittany Renner is a famous Internet Celebrity who gained fame and Popularity due to her Fitness Videos and attractive photos on her Instagram and YouTube Accounts. Brittany Renner is a  celebrity who has achieved fame through the internet in a specific niche.

Brittany Renner

Brittany Renner

This is an informative blog on internet celebrities. The blog covers topics such as information about various celebrities, how internet celebrity happens, internet celebrity’s role in society, and much more about internet celebrity.

Personal Info

  Real name   Brittany Renner
  Known For   For her Videos on Instagram and You Tube.
  Date of Birth   Feb 26  1992.
  Schooling   Schooling from American University andJackson State   University.





  Age   30 years as in 2022.
  Birthplace   Mississippi
  Nationality   American
  Family   She has been raised with Her Brother Steven and   Sister  Lexie.
  Profession   Model
  Height   5 Feet 6 Inches.
  Weight   50kg
  Eye Color   Black
  Hair Color   Brown
  Life story   Working  Hard to be one of thegreatest Model.
  Networth   $10 Million
  Relationship   P.J Washington

Life story

Brittaney Renner started her career as an Instagram Star and a Fitness Model by posting Various Beautiful Pictures on her Instagram Account. Her life was not that Simple. She started her career by being a Sales Girl in one Marketing Institute and later was also a Caregiver to carry out her living.

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Thus she started her career by Firstly making her Body Fit and Toned through hard work on her Body and by doing Gym Workouts. Later she started posting photos and Videos of her Toned Body. Thus she started receiving Fame and Popularity.

Due to rising Fame and Popularity, she started getting contracts from renowned brands like Xbox and Microsoft to Conduct Boot Camps. Her Fitness Video named “Brittany Renner Track Circuit” gave her huge Popularity.

Thus in this way, her journey from Rags to Riches made her one of the most renowned Internet Celebrities.


Brittany Renner was born on Feb 26 in the year 1992 in Mississippi, United States. She attended the School In Los Angles, California, and later did her graduation from Jackson State University.


Brittany Renner's family

Brittany Renner’s family

Brittany Renner was born in Mississippi, United States, she grew up with her brother Steven and sister Lexie. Later along with her family members, she shifted to Los Angeles and completed her Education at Jackson State University. There is not much information about her Parents.

PJ Washington

Brittany Renner and Pj washington

Brittany Renner and Pj washington

PJ Washington is a renowned American Professional Basketball Player, who plays for the Charlotte Hornets of the National Basketball Association. Brittany Renner and PJ Washington had a Relationship in the year 2021 and they both have also welcomed their baby together but currently, according to the Rumors, they are not Living Together and hence had suffered a Nasty Split.


Height is Something that always comes up in Conversations. Many think it’s important to know what height an actress is, so here is the height of Brittany Renner. Brittany Renner has a height of about 5 Feet 6 inches and 167cm while 1.67 meters.

Net Worth

Brittney Renner’s net worth is about $10 Million and thus she earns a massive amount of money through her Social Media accounts like Instagram and charges about a few Millions for  Brand Endorsements. She also earns a Massive amount of Money through Collaborations and through her own Sports Brand which is an E-Commerce Company that sells branded Sports Wears. Thus all these things make up her net worth up to $10 Million.

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Brittany has her Instagram account named “Brittany-renner02” where she shares her Attractive Photos and Videos having 396 followers and has posted about 113 posts thus the Followers of any famous Personality keep on Changing according to their new releases and the kind of work they do. So these are the Followers according to the year 2022.


Paige Hurd was born on February 26 in the year 1992 and thus her age according to the year 2022 is 30 years old. But age is just a number and age doesn’t define one’s Definition of Success. Thus Brittany is working hard to be a Finest Actress without Bothering about her age. Thus as age keeps on changing, the age mentioned here is as per the year 2022.


She has been sincerely connected with VIPs like artist lyricist, Trey Songz, and American football quarterback, Colin Kaepernick. In 2020, Brittany Renner was seen isolating with NBA player, P.J. Washington. On March 22, 2021, Brittany Renner and P.J. Washington declared that they were anticipating a child. In May 2021, Brittany brought forth a child kid. Sadly, the couple chose to head out in different directions only half a month after the introduction of their child.


There is not much information about the name of her kids, as  Brittany was seen in a close relationship with NBA player P.J Washington thus in the year 2021 they shared the news on Instagram that they both are expecting a Child Together so they welcomed their First Son in May 2021 but they haven’t revealed anything about their Kid and later they Both had a Nasty Split and have decided to Co-parent their Only Kid.

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Why is Brittany Renner so Famous?

Brittany Renner has been famous due to her Attractive photos on the Social Media Platforms like Instagram, and Youtube, while she has introduced her Sports, Wears E-Commerce website thus earlier she was a Sales girl and also did the job of a Caregiver.

Who has Brittany Renner Been With?

Brittaney Renner has been with many people like artist lyricist, Trey Songz, and American football quarterback, Colin Kaepernick. Later in May 2021, she was in a relationship with NBA player Washington P.J and they both have also welcomed one baby in May 2021.

What is the Networth of Brittaney Renner?

Brittany Renner is having the Networth of about $10 Million and her major Source of Income is through her Social Media Accounts on Instagram and YouTube while she is having a source of Income through her Website of Branded Sports Wear.

What happened to Brittany and P.J Washington?

On March 22, 2021, Brittany Renner and P.J. Washington declared that they were anticipating a child In May 2021. But later they both had a Nasty Split as there is no reason found behind their Split.


This was all about Brittany Renner and her life Story. We hope you enjoyed our blog about the life of Brittany Renner as it is always interesting to hear about other people’s lives. We hope you learned something new by reading our article. We are happy to have inspired you to create a New Journey and hope you have enjoyed and feel inspired to leap in your life.

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