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Avishkar Darvekar an Actor who came from a small vill and made his mark in the Marathi assiduity by Avishkar Darvekar’s amusement in colorful Marathi diurnals like Saudamini, Aabhalmaya, Damini, certain episodic diurnals like Tharar, and also his superhit diurnals which have made up to 3000 occurrences which are Gojirvanya Gharat, therefore similar diurnals were made superhit by the actor named Avishkar Darvekar.



Avishkar Darvekar born in Mumbai and did his college from the commerce college of Mumbai and then further joined the Roshan Taneja School of Acting in Mumbai where he was taught about improvisation and how to do movements based on songs.
Then after completing the course from acting school he got further roles to play in One Act Play and then he got serials like Saudamini, Abhalmaya, Damini, Gojirvanya Gharat part 1 and 2 during the year 2000 to 2012.

avishkar darvekar wikibio

avishkar darvekar wikibio

Avishkar Darvekar is also seen in certain films like TE ANI ETAR and SUVASINICHI SATVAPARIKSHA but unfortunately, he was not able to made a mark in his films and thus he considers it as the biggest regret of his life and thus he is still trying to find films where he can make a mark.
And his future goal is to start an Acting School where he can train youngsters how to act in Plays, movies, serials, and in One Act plays.

Personal Info:

REAL NAME Avishkar Darvekar
PROFESSION Actor and Director
BIRTHPLACE Mumbai, Maharastra, India
HOME TOWN Mumbai, Maharastra, India
Age Not Known
SCHOOL Not known
COLLEGE Not known
DEGREE Graduate
FILM Deva shappth khote sangen (2006)
NET WORTH Around 70 to 80 lakh


As Avishkar Darvekar knew that there was no intercollegiate One-Act Play in his village except in Mumbai thus he then came to Mumbai joined the Commerce field and also joined The Roshan Taneja School of Acting thus in that one year, he gained a lot of experience.

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In that Acting School they were taught Improvisation, and to do movements based on the songs there Avishkar Darvekar again started bunking classes, and then somewhere he started feeling that nothing is happening in his life, and then somehow 12 months went by and it was the time for farewell.

Avishkar Darvekar felt that nothing will happen but then he received the offer to do the One Act Play of AAJ UDYA and CHANDRAPUR CHYA JANGLAT.
In the years 1998 and 1999, he received an offer to do One Act Play of JANMA SIDHA. In the first show of his One-Act Play, it was houseful but then no shows were conducted, thus he went into depression.

Then further Avishkar Darvekar got an offer for the Damini serial by Gajendra Ahire and thus he started his earnings by 200 Rs per day and then TISRA DOLA and BANDINI by 750 rs per day.
Then his life as a serial actor started he got many serials back to back i.e after SAUDAMINI he got ABHALMAYA, ADHURI EK KAHANI, GOJIRVANYA GHARAT 1 and his serials crossed about 450 episodes of ABHALMAYA, 2500 episodes of DAMINI, GOJIRVANYA GHARAT 3000 episodes.

Then did films like TI ANI ETAR and SUVASINICHI SATVA PARIKSHA but unfortunately, he did not make that mark on films which he made by doing serials.
He is also seen in the serial Tu Majha Sangati in the year 2014 to 2018.

In the year 2012, he took a  break to find out where he is going wrong and then with the support of his wife Aavli he entered into films. Thus still working to make his mark in the film industry.· He was also seen in the Big Boss Marathi season 3.

He is on the mission to start an Acting School where he can train youngsters how to act in Plays, movies, serials, and in One Act plays.

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Avishkar’s father’s name is Purshottam Darvekar and he has one child name Arshad of his wife Avli. He also has a son named Arshad.


1. First wife and marriage: In the year 2014 he got married to Avli his first wife and he also has Son named Arshad, but unfortunately he had a divorce with his wife Aavli.

2. Second wife: And then he got married to Sneha Wagh, she is also a Serial Actress and she was 19 years old when she got married to Avishkar but unfortunately this marriage also failed, she filed a case against him on domestic Violence.

Avishkar Darvekar second wife Sneha-Wagh

Avishkar Darvekar second wife Sneha-Wagh

3. And then in the year 2015 Sneha Wagh got married to Anurag Solanki, he is an Architect, but unfortunately, this marriage failed too.

4. Current Relationship: Thus Avishkar is still single and he didn’t marry again as he faced 2 divorces in his life.

Films and serials:

  • In between 2000 till 2012 he was seen in the following serials, plays, and films.
    TV serials like DAMINI and small episodic serials like TISRA DOLA AND BANDINI.
  • He did some superhit serials like SAUDAMINI,ABHALMAYA,DAMINI, GOJIRVANYA GHARAT PART 1 AND 2.
  • He is also seen years 2014 to 2018 in the serial Tu Majha Sangati.
  • He was also seen in the Hindi Film MAN SANMAN
  • He is famous for his work in Kiran Kulkarni Vs Kiran Kulkarni.
  • He is seen in various movies like Julie, Aai shappth khota Sangen, Aai Tujha Ashirwaad.


  • He has received Awards like TNT and SAWAI.
  • He has also received several awards  for his plays and One-Act Plays
  • He has also received Mata Sanman for DEV JANAVLE.
  • And has also received the award for his film Deva Shappth Khota Sangen.
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On Google Avishkar Darvekar’s net worth is not known but as he is an actor his net worth will be around 70 to 80 lakhs.

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Extra facts:

  • He appeared in Marathi Bigg Boss season 3 at that time his second wife Sneha Wagh was also seen during the season.
  • His mission is to open An acting school for youngsters where he can train youngsters how to act in Plays, movies, serials, and in One Act plays.
  • Avishkar’s first wife has filed a complaint against him for domestic violence.
    He has been divorced about 2 times, his first wife’s name was Aavli and his second wife’s name is Sneha Wagh.
  • Avishkar has received many awards for his work in many Marathi serials.

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Avishkar Darvekar has a lot of controversies based on his domestic violence regarding his second wife Sneha Wagh.
Sneha Wagh has said that” He doesn’t have to hit you for it to be abuse, he can degrade, humiliate, blame, curse, manipulate or try to control you” It is still domestic violence. But still, we don’t know what’s the true side of it.


Thus by taking inspiration from his life that his mission is to start An acting School and Avishkar Darvekar is trying hard to appear in the films and make a mark on everyone’s heart just like he did in his serials which were superhit and thus one should try to help people and do best in whatever field one has chosen.

Though he is seen in the limelight because of the news regarding domestic violence towards his wife,but still we can’t judge anyone by only knowing one side of his life.

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